5 College Wardrobe Essentials

I do believe it is officially mid-August, which means most of you will be headed back to campus in the next few weeks.  It also means Back to School shopping is well underway, an occasion that might as well be deemed a national holiday.  As a B2S pro, I’ve been asked by my adoring fans girls I used to babysit what items they should snag for a foolproof freshman wardrobe.

Trying to piece together outfits that go from classroom to frat house basement is indeed a daunting task, but it can be done.  Here’s how to look ten times better than missy in the denim skort trying to steal your place in the keg line:

Get a go-to top. Make it frilly, make it fun. This will be the one top you can always rely on when you think you’ve got nothing else to wear.  Snag it in a color other than black so you’re sure to stand out, but also be sure it’s machine washable.  Finding a dry cleaner near campus is so not worth the cost or effort.

Take it into autumn with the perfect fitted jacket. This season is all about military inspired details, and outerwear is the perfect place to show off your fashion know-how.  Go for an army jacket with a slim, feminine fit to keep you warm when summer evenings turn into crisp nights.  Throw this one from J.Crew over your favorite sleeveless top and a pair of skinny jeans for the walk to class or the stumble home from the bar.

Add a scarf. No, not the chunky kind Mom knits you for Christmas.  I’m talking about the ones thin enough to twist, tie, knot, and drape around your neck.  Anthropologie hit a homerun with their Stonybreck Scarf.  The funky print boasts a color palate that will match with just about anything and the price is on the lower end of the splurge scale.  Don’t let the roommate borrow this one because you’ll never see it again!

Be practical in your bag selection. But don’t think you need to give up style for function.  Look for something like this bag from Banana Republic.  It’s big enough for books and the leather bottom prevents pens and pencils from poking holes.

Don’t forget to sparkle! Keep all eyes on your with a little bling.  Find some great drop earrings, a studded cuff, or try American Eagle’s antique rhinestone necklace.  The perfect statement accessories will jazz up any ensemble, especially when you’re tempted (and so lazy you don’t even care) to keep it simple with jeans and a long sleeve tee come winter.

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Our Generation is Going to be OK, OK?
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