Would You Rather…

As most of you are gearing up to go back to school, I am sitting on my parents’ couch (eating cookie dough) flipping through my pictures from the past 2 glorious years. Northwestern doesn’t start until late September, so I still have a lot more time before I start my junior year.

Me, a junior! I can’t even believe it myself.

I can still vividly remember driving to my high school graduation, trying to make sure my white dress didn’t get dirty and feeling grateful that I had foregone the mascara. But those days are long gone and now, as an almost-junior, I’m already starting to think forward to my next big graduation. I’m wondering where I’ll be in life, what my plan will be, what experiences I’ll look back on fondly that haven’t happened yet. Older people always tell me, “enjoy college, best four years of my life!” Ok, yeah, thanks. That doesn’t thoroughly scare me. Does it count as nostalgia if the experience hasn’t even ended yet?

The mere thought of getting closer to graduation got me thinking…

Would You Rather relive your college years but not be allowed to change anything OR make one change, thus changing your entire college experience?

Things to Consider: That time you drunk texted your mom, that epic night that went down in history, the person you are now.

Vote. Explain. Get nostalgic.

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