The Know: Get Your Ass Outta Bed

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Here’s a fact: If there was an award for the worst morning person, I would win. By a landslide.

I FAIL at early mornings. I set four alarms, hit snooze on all of them 6 times and then eventually turn them off. I’ve even tried setting alarms across the room… only to hop back into bed for “five more minutes.” I’m a morning disaster. If I had to describe myself in one word: Over-sleeper would probably win over ‘fantabulous’ (although I like to think I am that too. Maybe a fantabulous over-sleeper? That I definitely am!).

But last night my friend just told me about a GENIUS alarm clock that I totally dread trying but figured we all should know about because, even if you are a morning person (I will NEVER understand you weird breed of people), we all have those days when we are up studying/out drinking and have about 2 hours of shut eye before class… and fear turning off our alarm clock in our sleep.

The Math Alarm Clock phone app (available on Android and iPhone and maybe a few others) forces you to SOLVE A MATH PROBLEM CORRECTLY before the alarm will shut off. You can choose the level of difficulty (think: easy for kids… orrr math challenged folks like me, and equations you haven’t had to use since high school for the more difficult level). You can pick the song (I know Ke$ha will definitely get me out of bed) or the more obnoxious buzzing sound your phone will play until you solve the problem correctly.

Just imagine it. You’ve got Chumbawumba blaring from your phone while you attempt to solve some crazy math problem. In bed. With your hair all over the place and your eyeliner smudged under your eyes…

I might end up throwing my phone out the window but at least I will a) be awake and b) brush up on my long division skills.

Sounds like a win/win to me!

Do you have a fool proof way to get your ass out of bed in the morning? Share below!!

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