The Starting Line: The Last Few Days

So although I know some of you have already gone off to college and pimped out your brand new dorm room, lots of us are still languishing around the pool, savoring the last few weeks of this glorious summer.

Speaking for myself, the past 2 months of blissful relaxation have been more or less bitchin, and the thought of buying textbooks and attending freshman seminars feels like a dagger to the heart. I’d rather not waste my last few weeks with my darling high school summer friends just bumming around and drowning my sorrows in queso dip, so in between buying dorm room supplies and re-reading all the Harry Potter books, I’ve been looking for ways to truly relish these memorable last days:

I’ve had a Toast Night: I decorated my backyard with paper lanterns, candles and tons of Christmas lights and invited about 12 friends over to be merry and toast the past years of our lives, the wonderful summer and our hazy futures. It was the perfect balance of totally precious and disgustingly cheesy, something we all needed to commemorate 12 years of schooling… and an occasion to drink outside.

I’ve been soaking in the sun: I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s everyone, but I aspire to arrive at college the shade of a well-toasted marshmallow. This is the last span of time to get natural sun and Vitamin D (which we all lack come wintertime) and a perfect excuse to lounge around the pool and gossip and hang with your pals. Just make sure you slather on some SPF.

I’ve been going to any bonfires I happen to come across: Bonfires are the epitome of the end of summer. They’re so chill and usually the guest lists are varied, so you get a chance to wrap up loose ends, recount some good memories with random acquaintances and perhaps cuddle up with the boy you’ve been texting all summer long and will probably never see again once you skip town.

I’ve been eating out less and eating at home more: Not gonna lie, I’ll probably miss my mom’s cooking before I miss my mom. So in order to prepare, I’m stuffing my face now.

I’ve been spending less time on Facebook: Instead of chatting my friends (or stalking them via Newsfeed), I’ve been hanging out with them, taking walks with them, hugging them. Pretty crazy, right? It makes things way more special, plus you’ll probably burn more calories, which helps you achieve that bangin’ bod in time for school.


The end of summer has potential to be so stellar; what have you been doing to celebrate it?

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