Gossip Cheat Sheet: Even Lindsay’s Judge Has Had Enough

What’s going on this week? Apparently not much besides Eat Pray Love. At least that’s all I’m hearing about these days in Hollywood. I swear, if I see Julia Roberts sitting innocently on that bench suggestively eating her cup of fro yo one more time, I’m going to scream. Eat it like a woman, Roberts. Stop looking at the birds, OK? At first I really did want to grab my girls and sneak a tube of cookie dough into the theater for a little Eat Pray Love action. But now? I’d rather eat, eat, sleep.

Anyway, besides the cutesy movie about a women traveling the world to find herself (I personally don’t need to leave America and In & Out Burgers to find myself), what else is going on in Hollywood, you ask?  Well, Rachel Bilson recently went on a Costco shopping spree. (Welcome to singlehood, homegirl!) Aaaaand that’s about it.

Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed.

J-Lo’s Diva Ways Ruin Her Chances As An Idol Judge. J-Lo was given a chance at career redemption on a silver platter courtesy of American Idol, and what did she do? Chuck that platter across the room. Don’t you know this diva only accepts platinum, FOX?  Due to her high demands and general diva-ness, JLo has officially lost the gig… and any future in Hollywood. FOX refuses to comment, but I don’t. Way to go, Jenny from the Block. Being a super bitch doesn’t always pay off, does it?

Bill O’Reilly gets all up in Jennifer Aniston‘s business. Not sure why anyone cares what he thinks, but O’Reilly made some snide comment about Aniston’s choice to let science determine her future as a single mother, reportedly saying her decision was “destructive to society” and “diminishing the role of dad.” Obviously, Jen handled his douchebaggery with poise and class. Way to go, Aniston. Can we all just leave her alone now?

Fantasia Is Headed Home From the Hospital After Suicide Attempt. After overdosing on aspirin and sleep aids, Fantasia Barrino is home and doing OK.  Though her people are claiming it was all a big misunderstanding, we’re just hoping she gets help and gets better.

Judge Revel Removes Herself From Lindsay’s Case. It’s official, La Lohan’s judge (Marsha Revel) has had enough of those leggings and straggly blond hair.  She has removed herself from the case after allegations she improperly contacted people involved in the case. Did she DM Samantha Ronson on Twitter?? Not quite.  Reports state she contacted “participants and experts” without notifying lawyers in advance.  Whatever it is, she’s outta there, which seems to be quite a trend when it comes to Lohan’s case.

Glee Clothing Line on Sale Sunday! I’m so excited I could break into song right on my kitchen counter! The fashion line will be available exclusively at Macy’s and will include t-shirts, tops and hoodies priced $19.99-$34.99.  Wait, does this mean there will be Cheerio inspired uniform tops? Finn inspired jock-wear? Sue Sylvester wind pants? Be still my heart.


Britney Spears Tweets About New Album. So now we know why she hasn’t had any time to get that weave fixed….

Taylor Swift Sings About Permanent Markers. Swiftie has released a new song about drawing an X through an old boyfriend’s face in permanent marker.  It’s called ‘Permanent Marker’ in case you missed it and despite the terrible song name, it’s surprisingly sweet and cute for such passionately angry lyrics.

Christiano Ronaldo Reaches 10 Million Likes On Facebook. This dude is becoming cooler than J-Beebsie. He’s reached 10 million likes over Facebook and counting! I think it has something to do with pouring ice cold water all over his face. I would like to take this moment to cordially thank H2O. That is all.

Joe Jonas Gets Arrested. Sorta. I’m really not sure what to say about this.

Nick Cannon Nominates Mariah to be Next American Idol Judge. Oh Nick Cannon, this is so cute! He’s nominating his little love muffin Mariah to be the next American Idol judge.  He says, “I know she would love to do Idol, let’s start a campaign!” With Jessica Simpson and J-Lo out of the running, Nick and Mariah’s dream may just come true.

Oh and one more thing before I go!  I’m sorry but Marc Jacobs is making my face melt off and steaming up my reading glasses (yes, I’m wearing them, and yes I can barely see) in the new Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot. Yum. O.

Who Can Fill Lindsay Lohan’s Stilettos?
Who Can Fill Lindsay Lohan’s Stilettos?
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