From CollegeFashion: A Quick Guide to Eco-Friendly Shopping

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It’s undeniable: the eco-friendly fashion movement is growing stronger every day. From Harry Potter’s resident fashionista Emma Watson designing her own collection of magical duds for British brand People Tree to Seattle’s hosting of the first ever Eco-Chic Expo in April, sustainable style is spreading like wildfire. (Oops–bad metaphor for an eco-friendly fashion post?)

Whether you’re new to eco-fashion or just want some tips on greening your wardrobe, never fear: I’ve boiled down the basic lingo & facts you need to know into a quick, easy-to-understand guide. Read this, and you’ll be ready to embark on your first green shopping trip in no time!

Green Fashion Terms to Know Before You Shop:

Sustainable: A sustainable product has the ability to be produced (over & over & over again) without doing much harm to the environment.
Renew-ability: Renewable resources are derived from something living (plant, animal, ecosystem) that can regenerate.
Cruelty-free: Cruelty-free companies do not test on or use animals in their products.
Carbon Footprint: A carbon footprint is a measurement of the impact human activities have on the environment. In terms of fashion, a clothing’s carbon or ecological footprint is the impact the piece of clothing has had on the environment from start to finish.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics to Try:

Bamboo: Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resources! Added bonus: It drapes super-nicely across the human bod.
Organic Cotton: Organic cotton is harvested using what are called “organic farming methods” and doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides to grow.  (On the other hand, regular cotton is usually permeated with chemicals!)
Hemp: Hemp doesn’t need pesticides, herbicides or fungicides to grow, so it’s a popular fabric used to make organic clothing. Plus, it’s very comfortable to wear.
Other Eco-Chic Fabrics: Soy, Eco-Spun (fabric made from soda bottles/cans!), SeaCell (a mix of seaweed and wood pulp fiber), Wool (in place of other furs).

Need some eco-fashion inspiration? Click here for earth friendly outfit ideas.

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