Make the Most of BFF Time Before School Starts

It’s August, which means it’s almost that time of year: back to school. But unlike when we were younger and dreaded the first day, going back to college is exciting, enough to provoke countdowns on Facebook statuses (“Only 236 hours more days until I’m back at school!”), and overall giddiness. You can’t wait to pack up your rooms and your closets and get right back into the college atmosphere – crazy bar nights and frat parties, Wine-Down Wednesdays and Tequila Tuesdays, dorm room gossip sesh’s with your roommates, attempting to wake up for class, and making even more memories with your friends.

However, amidst all that excitement, there’s one gray cloud looming: you’ll be leaving your best friends from home behind.

No matter how much fun we have with our school best friends, it always sucks to leave behind your home BFFs – the girls and guys you grew up with, who know all about the times you made a fool of yourself in 9th grade homeroom, and whom you can still go out with and have a good time. It especially sucks after a summer spent with them, when you’ve gotten used to seeing them on a daily basis, and you know that when school starts things will be different. Because let’s be honest: despite all of our best intentions to stay in touch with our BFFs during the academic year, it’s usually pretty tough. Between the parties and the actual work, it’s easy to start speaking only once a week or learning about one another’s lives through Newsfeed.

For those of you who are bummed about leaving behind your best girlfriends, don’t worry – you still have a few more weeks of summertime fun left, which means plenty of time to stock up on some serious BFF bonding sessions. So here is a list of things you should make time to do with your girls before you’re all back in school, back in the grind, and back to intermittent IMs.

1. Make dinner together.
Whether you’re a cook or not, I guarantee you and your girlfriends will have a good time making dinner together. Choose a yummy meal that is also pretty easy to make (no reason to get in over your head), and let the fun begin. Me and my friends do it every few months that we can all get together, and we absolutely love how cute and kitchsy we feel making our own dinner. Go food shopping together, get a bottle of wine, and give each other cooking jobs. Just please, trust me on this one, try to have at least one person who knows what they’re doing.

2. Have a sleepover.
Remember when you were 13 and you begged your parents every weekend to let your best friends sleep over? Well, now that we’re in college, we have sleepovers on the reg – but they’re  usually of the drunken variety, when one of us is too hammered to get ourselves home in one piece. These are always fun, no doubt about that, but try doing it with your friends when you’re all sober. Watch funny movies, eat popcorn and ice cream, play your favorite childhood board games, talk about that cute guy you hooked up with last week, and get through the night without someone throwing up in the bathroom. You’ll feel like you’re in middle school all over again. Only with bigger boobs and better stories.

3. Go out – ALL of you.
Pick a date, make sure all of your girls have off of work, and go somewhere fun (instead of just the local bar you’ve been frequenting all summer). Get dressed up in cute dresses, heels, do your hair… and get wasted. Everyone, no excuses allowed. Have that one last night of drunken debauchery to have something fun to talk about with your roommates on the first day back.

4. Road Trip to the Outlets.
Since you obv have to show up at school wearing something cute and new, a shopping trip before the semester starts is a must. And a shopping trip that involves tons of cheap threads and a mini-roadtrip is a BFF bonding mega-must. You’ve got girl time, fashion shows, Auntie Anne’s pretzels and a ton of new duds to show off during Welcome Week.

5. Make legit plans to visit each other.
At the end of the summer when you’re with all of your friends, you’re all inevitably going to talk about how much you’re all going to visit each other. And 85% of the time, it doesn’t happe. Take out your calendars and set a date for a reunion. It can be at one of your schools, back at home, or at some fun and fabulous destination (Vegas, anyone?!), just as long as it happens.

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