August Madness: I Love the ’90s, Round 5

It might be 2010, but here at CollegeCandy we’re still stuck in the ’90s. All you have to do is say Chumbawhumba and we’re off and running on a ’90s nostalgia debate that lasts the entire day. We know we’re not the only people out there that still rock out to N’Sync and still remember the desperation you felt when you lost your favorite Pogs slammer. So instead of constantly arguing amongst the CollegeCandy team, we decided to throw the question out to our readers and choose, once and for all, what is the best thing to come from the ’90s (besides our many devoted readers, of course).

So, in the fashion of every guy’s wet dream, March Madness, we’ve created an “I Love the ’90s” bracket. We’ve been narrowing down the best of the best of our favorite decade for awhile now and it’s getting INTENSE. Zack Morris is OUT. Spice Girls are IN. Clinton and Lewisky CREAMED Pam Anderson’s sex tape. (OK, bad choice of words….)

And somehow, Cory and Topanga are still in the game? WTF?

But that’s the whole reason we’re doing this (it’s a good thing the Olsen twins still have that clothing line….) and we’re excited to narrow it down even further today. We’re focused on the Elite 8 today. Who’s gonna make it to round 6? Will Cory and Topanga be able to take down TGIF? Can the Tamagatchi woop Super Nintendo’s ass? We won’t know until you cast your vote.

So vote now and then come back Thursday you can keep letting us know what is the best thing to ever come from the 1990 and beyond.

Take a closer look at today’s match ups right here.

Ready to vote? Pick your favorite from each match-up below. We’ll tally the scores and let you know who won when we gear up for the next round of votes on Thursday! And don’t forget to take a trip down memory lane and sound off in the comments!

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