Wardrobe Wish List: Steve Madden’s Roady Boot

So I’ve hit that point in the summer (which usually comes after a couple hot-as-death-weeks) where I start craving my leather boots. I’m not going to lie if you walked into my apartment unannounced I may or may not be wearing them around with the AC cranked up pretending that, if for just ten minutes, it is finally fall.

Other than my crazy “pretend” sessions, I obviously satisfy this yearning to zip up my motorcycle knee-highs and run through some leaves by heading to the mall and dropping some major cash (if not all my cash) on a brand new pair…which then just leads to more torture as I stare at them for an entire month before it’s socially acceptable to put them on…outside of my apartment.

But that’s beside the point.

The actually point of my ranting is that I have found my new fall love. Which is no easy feat (or feet…ha!) considering that there a million different styles of boots of which I own about 20, so finding one worth my entire paycheck for a week is a hefty task.

This fall, Steve Madden’s Roady boot in brown will be my go-to shoe for any and every occasion. I am so excited about these that I can barely contain it. I can’t really begin anywhere other than the color, which in a sea of black leather boots stands out like a sore thumb- in an amazing way of course.

The distressed brown leather is so unexpected – rugged and feminine at the same time – making them a girly addition to rocker-inspired dark wash skinnys and a motorcycle jacket for night, while also being able to toughen up a floral print dress and tights for day.

But it’s the details that really do it for me. You can find brown boots anywhere, so to justify putting a hefty charge on my credit card, they have to have something extra special. I am totally in love with the double-clasp, one at the top and one ankle strap, which has this perfect balance between cowgirl and biker chick. Not to mention that from the front you have a classic, traditional feel, and from the back you have a kick of modern trendiness with the contrasting red zipper.

Basically, I’m in love.
Goodbye dinner. Hello, Steve Madden.

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