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The Weekly Ten: Why It Sucks Living With the BF


Every week, I write a list. Not a to-do list (I feel like they’re always mocking me) or a grocery list (because “Jimmy John’s” isn’t really a list) or even that list (lord knows I wish I was updating that thing weekly….). No, my list is on whatever hard-hitting issue I find relevant at 11p.m. on Sunday night. And you know it doesn’t get more hard-hitting than Back to School season or awful summer “blockbusters,” right? Today’s big topic: living with the BF. Alright, ladies; stay with me.

About 90% of the time, I heart my boyfriend. He’s so great to me, he’s adorable and it’s just an all-around nice time being in a healthy, normal relationship. I love him. I love him. I really love him. (I just want to make sure I’m clear here.) I love him so much we’ve taken the big step to move in together, which made sense considering how much time he was staying over my apartment. So for the past few months it’s been me, him and my roommate (who’s one of my best friends from college) living in one two-bedroom apartment.

Most of the time, it’s awesome.

But sometimes it sucks.
Really, really sucks. Really, really, really sucks. And here are 10 reasons it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies when you’re living with the boyf:

10. Can’t be a slob-ka-bob

I’m admittedly not the neatest person in the world, but now that I share a bedroom with someone, I have to try and pick up my clothes, makeup, magazines and more clothes strewn around my room. Do I do it? Well….I try?

9. Sayanora, TrueBlood, Real Housewives and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

There’s nothing that gets my bf more worked up than my “stupid shows” that I happen to love. So now that he’s around all. the. time, my roommate and I can rarely sit through a 30 minute show on E! without getting an earful from the boy. Ugh.

8. No more late-night weeknights

Who doesn’t love going out on Mondays? Or staying out too late on a Thursday?

7. The Toilet Seat

It’s never, ever down. Which also brings us to…

6. 3 people, one bathroom.

Enough said.

5.The mystery is gone

My boyfriend is my roommate – he’s seen me roll out of bed at 6 AM, curled up on the couch when I’m sick and whining, and all of my underwear. Which aren’t all cute thongs from VS, btw.

4. No more ice cream for dinner

He is so judging me.

3. Sharing Expenses

While it might have seemed like an awesome idea at the time to lower rent and monthly payments, talking and sharing money can cause a lot of headaches and tummy aches (but that might’ve just been the ice cream for dinner).

2. Less QT

Believe it or not, it feels like I spend even less time with my boyfriend now that we live together. No more cutesy date nights when we could easily just watch a movie at home!

1. Never get to sleep alone again

Awww, actually that’s one of the reasons it rocks.

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