8 Under $20: Military

This season, the G.I. Joe military inspired style is marching onto runways and blowing up clothing racks everywhere.  At first (it’s hard to believe now) I was frustrated with the new bold style (totally in for fall).  I have broad shoulders and let’s just say the manly military explosion does not get friendly with my curves.

However lately, with this style popping up everywhere, I’ve discovered you can easily make the military look extremely flattering!  All you have to do is add a belt here or there to showcase your curves.  OR throw some charms on your neck to girly-up the bold bombshell brigade sparked in your wardrobe.

I’m liking it more and more.  It’s time to take a moment to be inspired by military fashions under $20.

Now, this isn’t exactly the loud and bold military I was talking about, but these marbled peep toe pumps (at only $12.00) look great with any military fashion.  Not to mention they will totally sex up any ballsy military style.  The chestnut color and skyscraper-high heels will look great and show off those boot camp legs you’ve got.

This is immediately one of my favorites because the top is so versatile and simple.  The shinny skinny belt is perfect for accentuating your lady curves and dressing an outfit up.  At $17.80 for such a solid outfit builder, how could you turn away from the opportunity?  P.S. This would look great with skinny jeans and army-inspired boots.

As a new and improved fan of the infamous romper, I really love this piece.  It’s a perfect color for fall and looks super comfortable. The shoes above would look great and super sexy with this olive colored frock.

Yet another fabulous military find. This top would be great to pair with a little more saucy skirt (business on the top, party on the bottom, right?) At so cheap (only $14.99) I couldn’t leave this army-inspired number out of the mix.  It comes in army green as well!

These punchy pair of leggings is svelte and super sexy.  I love the bold and sexy zipper.  The army green tint is very fitting for fall these season, so I say pair them with a sexy pair of pumps and a bold shirt dress and you are G2G. Good. To. Go.

This fringe scarf is the perfect add-on to any military outfit (to soften the boldness a little bit).  And at only $9.99, this is a total steal.  This would look great paired with a military jacket or a simple button down shirt. Sold.

The cargo inspired look is perfect for the G.I. Gorgeous style.  These shorts in particular are cheap, sexy and would look great with heels and a simple button-up top.  I love how easily they can be transferred from casual to night friendly with just a switch of shoe. Beautiful.

It’s as simple as it is cheap.  At $6.99 this tee is a perfect addition to your military wardrobe.  I’m loving the sequined pocket and loose fitting attitude.  The scoop neck still manifests a flirty style and this would go perfect with jeans and flats (first date material).

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