Bookmark This: The Top 10 Sites For Every College Student

I LOVE you, Hulu!

What I am about to type might shock and disturb some of the readers. However, for the sake of our internet browsers’ sanity, I am just going to say it: There are more websites out there besides Facebook and Google.

Did everyone survive that truth? Though I adore a good Facebook stalking sesh and Googling my name from time to time, I believe that the following sites don’t get enough cred. So let’s bookmark these babies and get our computer mouses (mice?) acquainted with them sometime soon. Perhaps on the next study break, after the email has been checked several times or maybe when we finally realize that the cute guy in Bio has his profile set to private. Bummer.

1. No more unwanted panic attacks from losing Wednesday’s notes from Chemistry. Notecentric is a web based note taking application that allows you to type, store and organize all your notes onto one site. All the notes you type are saved and stored together so stray lectures on loose leaf will no longer be an issue.

2. I think we can all admit that the last place we want to head to at the beginning of the semester is the bookstore. Although we can hardly resist a new hoodie, it’s the close to $700 that we spend on books each semester that puts the dent in our bank accounts and our spirits. Chegg is a textbook rental site where college students can sell their books to the site and also rent books. You simply order the books, have them shipped to you, and return them at the end of the semester. A sweet bonus: Chegg plants a tree every time someone rents books; financially AND environmentally friendly!

3. Here is a side tip for the upcoming frat parties: DON’T tell that guy you have been eyeing all night just how adorable you think your children would be together. But feel free to find out for yourself in the privacy of your own dorm room. This hilarious site allows you to upload images from your computer and morph them together. The outcome: your “future children.” Between you and I: Bradley Cooper and I would make some really attractive children together.

4. A gal pal of mine turned me onto this site and my life and wardrobe have never been the same since. Looking for a little red dress to wear out to the bar? How about choosing from 234 options? 6pm offers the best sales and discounts on name brand clothing and puts them all in one central location so it is easier for you to shop. Bonus points: You can snag a pair of leopard pumps for 50% off without even having to take your slippers off to try them on.

5. Instead of merely writing that 1,000 word essay on world hunger why not help end it? is a site that donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme for every question that you answer correctly. So put those multiple choice skills that you racked up during SAT class to good use! I give you full permission to let your professor know you were flexing your brain muscles while actively relieving poverty across the world. The more answers you get right, the more rice you give.

6. I wish I had taken advantage of this site more during my four years at college. I say this now, when I am up to my hips in student loans. Fastweb is a quick college search engine for financial aid, student loans and college choices. Create a profile, fill out the surveys and watch as Fastweb matches you up with scholarships that you are eligible to apply for. Some are essays while others are creative projects but it does not hurt to take on an extra opportunity or two to rake in some cash to put towards the tuition.

7. It is a known fact that college students are not exactly on the level of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” status during a four year stay at a university.  Aside from thanking Easy Mac and local pizzerias by campus for their amazing delivery deals, we should also thank for making our wardrobes more affordable. College Fashion is a blog for stylish college girls in need of updates on the latest trends, deals, steals and tips in the fashion world. College Fashion is the only fashion blog written for college students, by college students; it is nice to know that these fashion tips are not coming from a woman behind a desk whose jean style expired and retired nearly three years ago.

8. The other day my brother came up with this idea to create radio stations that played music similar to your favorite artists. I introduced him to both a reality check and Pandora. Simply create a new station, whether it be an artist like Drake or a song by the Frey, and let Pandora come up with matches to keep your eardrums happy for hours to come. This free site may be killing off radio stations everywhere but you won’t see me minding as I turn on the Jack Johnson station.

9. So once you draw yourself away from the three-year-old Justin Bieber fanatic on YouTube hop on over to Hulu. The love child of NBC and FOX, Hulu gives its worldwide Webbers free access to streaming movies and TV shows. Miss that episode of Grey’s? Needing to get caught up on LOST before someone spills the finale to you? Now you have it right at your fingertips. Did someone say popcorn and a study break?

10. This is a major life changing website for all you CollegeCandy readers who have a kitchen. Instead of the typical cooking site where it lists the ingredients and you head out to the grocery store, Supercook asks you to type in the ingredients you have. After you have entered in the data, Supercook searches its database of recipes and spits back a variety of delicious meals. You can start cooking right away! This is perfect for a last minute dinner with the roomies. Simply type in what is laying around your kitchen (skip the moldy milk in the fridge) and let Supercook dish back the dinner.

Bonus: Oh my goodness. Look! You are already here! No, but in all seriousness, CollegeCandy is a top site to read up on issues and topics written by college girls for college girls. Even before I began writing for CollegeCandy it was my go-to site for advice on roommate issues, blind date traumas and the sweet secrets of college life.

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