Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Cheap and Chic Wall Art

My last major DIY project was all about home décor… and the decorating bug hasn’t left me yet!

I’ve finally moved into my new apartment in NYC which is now filled with issues of Elle Décor and House Beautiful. The furniture is moved in (…and up 5 flights of stairs) and my apartment is finally coming together. However, I could not help but feel depressed when I looked at my bare, lonely, and artless walls. I was envious as I flipped through the pages of decorating magazines to see how small living rooms and dorm rooms were so fabulously decorated with different pieces of art.

But my budget doesn’t exactly allow for me to splurge on fancy art or even framed posters. So instead, I found my own cheap and chic way to spice up my walls and décor. So if you’re looking to spruce up your room or update your walls on a budget, here is an easy and fun way to make your living space unique!

What You’ll Need

Frames: Frames are expensive, especially larger frames for big walls of empty space! But the best place to look for frames on a budget is often art supply stores (like Dick Blick or even Walmart). Opt for poster frames that use plexiglass instead of glass, as they are cheaper and won’t break (aka: they can survive the college lifestyle and multiple moves). Depending on the frame size you choose, these can range from $10 to about $20. For my DIY, I got 3 16×20 size plexi-glass poster frames.

Tip: Keep in mind how you envision the frames’ position on the wall. Mix and match with different frames and frame sizes, or keep it simple with a symmetrical design of two large frames on a wall.

Wrapping paper or paper sheets: Yes, you will be framing wrapper paper. Sounds silly, but you can create a sophisticated look with something as simple as wrapping paper. Who knew?! Pick a pattern or color that suits the rest of your décor. Or pick multiple patterns/colors for different frames. Wrapping paper in larger patterns work better as they tend to look more like painted canvas or pop art. Choose anything that fits your style! Or you can go to any art store or paper store and they sell single sheets of specialty paper in cool designs for cheap.Try The Container Store, Paper Source, or even your local drug stores like CVS.

Scissors: Snip, snip!

What You’ll Do:

1. Realize first that this may be the easiest and fabulous DIY you’ve ever attempted.

2. Now that you’ve realized step 1, carefully cut your wrapping paper to the size of your frame or frames. As wrapping paper is meant to rip easily, be careful!

Tip: Use the frame paper insert (usually it’s a picture of a happy couple or animal…) to cut your wrapping paper to the exact size.

3. Now stick your wrapping paper in the frame. Pretty simple, eh?

4. Hang your frame(s) on the wall, admire your handiwork, and when friends ask where you bought your chic art tell them who the artist really is. (YOU… duh!)

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