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[There are over 100 million sites on the Internet. 100 million! You might think you know about all the important ones (CollegeCandy, Gmail, Google, TFLN…), but there are thousands of other sweet sites out there (like Homeslyce, BadDateTV and Beauty Story) and more showing up every day! We get it – it’s not easy or fun sifting through the crap and porn to find those gems, so we’re gonna bring the gems to you. Just sit back, kick up those feet and allow us to introduce you to the diamonds in the internet rough.]

I love the convenience of watching TV shows online (besides that whole “burn my thighs” thing), but it can be a hassle sometimes when the season or particular episode isn’t available on a particular site, forcing me to hunt across the internet for the show I want to watch. Which, turns out, is only available in Japanese.  Luckily for me, I’ve discovered a handy site that makes everything a whole lot easier (…and in English).

Clicker is a super-extensive catalog of every TV show episode available to watch online.  To use it, simply type in the name of the TV show you want to watch in the search bar (or browse the site’s multiple categories), and Clicker will search it’s catalog of over 5,200 TV shows (and over 280,000 episodes!) from sites all over the web to take you to its Clicker profile page.  Once you’re there, you simply choose the episode you want, and follow the link to watch it!

Some of the links take you to places where you can purchase or rent the episode for a fee, like Amazon and iTunes, or subscription services like Netflix (which is the only option for some shows, especially ones on premium channels). However, there are TONS of shows available for absolutely free!

What a great way to save some money.  If you’re on a tight budget (and who isn’t these days, really?), watching TV on the internet is a great alternative to having to pay for cable.

Or maybe you already pay for cable, but don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth because your roommates keep hogging the TV in the living room to watch 90210 and Vampire Diaries busy social life keeps causing you to miss episodes of your favorite shows.  You might be thinking of getting a DVR box or TiVo, but those come with pretty hefty additional monthly fees.  You can get around paying those by catching up on the shows you missed through Clicker instead!

Just think of how much money you’re going to save (and how much of your sanity when you can watch what you want in the privacy of your own room) by using Clicker to watch TV online!

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