Sexy Time: Summer Bucket List

Careful: Those splinters are no joke.

I don’t know what you ladies have been up to this past seven days, but I just got back from the greatest week of my entire summer, visiting my best friend out West. We spent a lot of time just watching movies, talking, and shopping at the biggest mall in North America (for real). Basically, I enjoyed a nice relaxing vacation with the impending start of school being the farthest thing from my mind.

That is until I got home from my week away to find a bunch of  back to school letters from my college staring me straight in the face. That’s right, much to my chagrin, summer is slowly but surely coming to an end.

While this summer has been a sex-free one for me (yes, still! I’m proud of myself too), I have enough sexy summertime memories to be aware that summer might be the greatest season for havin’ sex (although, I don’t think there’s a bad season, really).  Maybe it’s the fact that we’re all wearing little clothing to begin with, or that we can feasibly get naked outside without potentially losing an appendage to frostbite (hey, I am Canadian), but there’s just something fundamentally sexy about summer.

A few months ago, former Sexy Time writer, Kelly, composed a bucket list of places to have sex before you’re done college. With sleeping until noon soon getting replaced by 8am classes, and bonfires replaced with late-night study sessions, I figured that now is a good time to take Kelly’s lead and compile a list of places to get freaky while the days are still long and we’re not yet back to hitting the books.

So, with only a few short weeks until you’re back in the stacks, grab your summer fling and have a little fun:

Tent – Except for that one awkward time, tent sex is, in my experience, the BEST sex. Not only are you essentially outdoors (remove the fly for an awesome post-coital star gazing sesh), but the tent walls are super-thin (enter the taboo factor), and a little rain sets a lotta mood. I would definitely recommend renting out a campsite for a weekend. Or, if you’re broke like I was two summers ago, splurge on a $40 Wal-mart tent and set it up in your yard for a night. Yes, I actually did that, and yes, it was fantastic.

Close to water – Maybe it’s because I’m from a cottage mecca, but there’s something hot about doin’ it by the water — a dock, a boat, the beach, all potentially sexy places to get naked.  Just bring an extra-large blanket if you decide to have sex on the beach; it should help with keeping the sand out of places you never want sand to be.

Car – I know this isn’t just a summer thing, but it’s a whole lot more convenient getting naked in a vehicle that doesn’t need to be left on to run the heat in order to make sure you don’t freeze into a human sexcicle. Plus, it can be varied up pretty easily – just think of all the awesome places you can park!

Hammock – To be honest, I’m not sure how this would work logistically, but a friend of mine was pretty gung-ho about this one. It’d be worth a shot, right?

Tree – As in up against a tree, not in one. (Sex is good, but not worth risking your life.) It’s definitely a quickie-only location, but pretty exhilarating nonetheless.

Balcony – Only works if you’re high enough up and your balcony railing is solid enough (read: cement) that you can lean up against it without putting on a completely public show.

Those are about all the places my post-vacay brain can name off right now. And I totally refuse any responsibility if you get arrested (although, it WOULD make a great morning after story).

What locations are on your sexy Summer Bucket List?

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