The Know: Your Teen Dream Come True (Albeit, A Little Late)

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Prepare to pee a little bit. Don’t worry – it’s totally worth it. I promise.

Your teenage dream is about to come true, and I am not talking about a breathy Katy Perry song.

I don’t know if someone in the music world saw our ‘90s bracket or our ’90s music festival fantasy and got inspired, or if someone out there (The Big Man Upstairs) decided to reward all of us 20-somethings, but Backstreet is BACK. And this time, they’re bringing the Right Stuff with them (pun very much intended).

That’s right, ladies (and gents who happen to care): Backstreet Boys AND New Kids on the Block are hitting the road together as early as March 2011.


[Insert teenybopper scream here.]

I mean, let’s face it – Beiber Fever has NOTHING on Boy Band Pandemonium. Even if we have aged, learned how to straighten our hair, ditched the Rachel Green haircut and platform sneakers and stopped using a Disc Man/Walkman (or Napster) to listen to our favorite BSB/NKOTB tunes, we are a faithful bunch who still love our now aging teenage heart throbs as if we were still 13 and thought that Nick Carter was actually going to marry us. Swoon.

In case you don’t keep up on all things BSB/New Kids, The Backstreet Boys surprised New Kids fans this past summer at NKOTB’s sold out show, and the screams were piercing as both bands sang “I Want It That Way.” And apparently they (and Live Nation) realized, we do want it that way. (Once again, pun totes intended.)

Live Nation (who is allegedly sponsoring this tour from heaven) is said to be looking for a third boy band to join in on the festivities. Will it by N*SYNC? 98 Degrees? LFO?? Whoever it is, there is going to be a whole lot of vintage bedazelled ’80s/’90s boy band gear going on, which will be nothing short of one amazing fashion disaster (a.k.a. pure fabulousness).

And I am having a hard time waiting for it.

Is it March 2011 yet?!

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