Gossip Cheat Sheet: All’s Quiet on the Hollywood Front

Sigh. It’s been yet another lame sauce week in H-wood. Seriously, where are the scandals? Since LiLo got sent away, the whole town’s been laying low. (Maybe they have no one to party with anymore?) There have been no major cheating scandals (thank god!). Jon Gosselin hasn’t done anything dumb. Hell, even Mel Gibson’s crazy has quieted itself for a few weeks.

Where’s the juice? I haven’t got a clue.

Freshly Squeezed

1. Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan, was killed this week in a terrible car crash off of Pacific Coast Highway. His Jeep ran off the side of the road on Monday afternoon. His dog was in the car as well, but survived. Sources are reporting that he was either texting or Tweeting just before his car went off the road. So sad. Our thoughts are with the Dr. Ryan’s friends and family.

2. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie finally tied the knot! You can get all the deets and pictures in OK! Magazine (who was invited to the event), but here’s a condensed version: the Duffster chipped her tooth in the morning and her planner snuck her out to see a dentist! What a crazy way to start the day! They compiled their vows from reading other couples’ online but they had their own unique ones. They are currently honeymooning in Cabo. Congrats!

3. Miranda Kerr is preggers! So that explains the quickie wedding. Orlando, you sly dog! The Victoria’s Secret model is four months pregnant with their first child and has kept that secret well. (Oh to have a model’s body.) Apparently, she had some trouble with morning sickness at a shoot, but couldn’t say anything because she didn’t want the word to get out. One thing’s for sure, that baby is going to be gorgeous!  Congrats you two!

4. Funny-lady Chelsea Handler will be hosting the VMAs this September! She’s the first female host since Roseanne Barr back in 1994. Handler said, “If there’s one awards show that I should be hosting, it’s probably this one. My personality probably wouldn’t gel with the Emmys or the Golden Globes.” I’m supes excited about this one, especially since Biebs is going to preform as well and those two hit it off on her show! Tune in September 12th to watch!

5. Betty White is set to write two books! Her first book, Listen Up! will be out in 2011, and the other not too longafter that! Amazing. We finally get to read all about our favorite Golden Girl and her incredible life! This woman is just killing it right now.

Lame Juice

1. Our favorite felon, Lindsay Lohan, will be receiving $1 million for her post-rehab/lockup interview with OK! Magazine. Careful, LiLo – let’s use that money for good, not vodka.

2. Taylor Momsen, the former Jenny Humphrey, is oh-so-classy and has deemed her look as “high class hooker.” Oh Taylor, please take a page from the book of Lindsay and learn ahead of time.

3. Heidi Montag tried to start a rumor this week that John Mayer wanted to date her. A “friend” supposedly said that Heidi’s flattered, but is turned off by John’s reputation. However, mostly everyone agrees that Heidi is spreading it herself. Sorry honey, your fifteen minutes are up.

4. Snooki will be on trial September 8th for her incident a few weeks ago. She’s being charged with creating a public nuisance, disorderly conduct, and annoying people. Gotta love that little guidette!

5. And just because…. crack a beer and swoon over Hugh Jackman. Yum.

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