Single. The Downsides

As much as I love being single (and I promise I do. I mean not THAT much has changed since last week), I do have to acknowledge that there are a few aspects of being single that suck. Do they outweigh the greatness that comes with having a bed all to yourself or not shaving for weeks at a time? Maybe not, but there are loads of little things that make the single girl’s life less than perfect.

1. Unreachables.
Whether it’s sunscreen for a day at the beach, aloe after a sunscreen-less day at the beach, or just lotion for those scaly days of winter, no boyfriend = no way to reach your back. And that equals sleeping on your stomach for a week as you wait anxiously for that crispy skin to peel.

2. Moving.
It’s a lot harder to find someone to help with the heavy lifting when there’s no guaranteed nookie in it for him.

3. Sick Days.
See #2, but replace “heavy lifting” with “bring me a bowl of soup.”

4. Crappy Days.
See #2, but replace “heavy lifting” with “bring me cookie dough.”

5. Creative Dates. Or not.
Living in Chicago, the amount of creative dates that can be found are more or less unlimited. With new Groupon and Living Social deals, I am always seeing some really cool opportunities at a steep discount that would be make for great date adventures….if there was someone to go with. Yeah, I could go with my girlfriends, but something about a midnight sailboat cruise to watch the Navy Pier fireworks just doesn’t seem as fun when there’s no one to snuggle with.

6. Sunday Nights.
No matter how content I am with my single status, come Sunday night I couldn’t be less happy. I don’t know what it is, but Sundays just make me want to cuddle.

7. Explaining.
I don’t know why people feel this is an appropriate thing to ask girls that they barely know. It happens all the time to me… I’ll be home for a break, and run into parents of a friend of a friend at the grocery store. So I’ll be talking to the mother of this person I barely know, and she’ll ask me how college is going, and oh yes, do I have a boyfriend now? I hate when people seem to think that being in a relationship is necessary for me to be viewed as a successful college woman or that my relationship status defines me.

8. Creepers.
Walking into a bar with no man on your arm is like an open invitation for creepers to creep all creepy on you. And it’s not the end of the world to do the whole “I’ve got a boyfriend,” but I hate having to lie, even to random strangers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I give my number out like free t-shirts during freshman move-in week, but I’d rather avoid the “Hey baby, come here often?” if I can.

What do you hate most about being a single lady?

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