Weekly Wrap Up: Say It Together Now, Back to School!

It’s Friday and I’m (typical behavior) hunched over at my kitchen counter, chugging coffee and coming up for air when I try to tell my mom to stop vacuuming the family room because I can’t hear my T.Swift playlist over the deep vacuum whine.  Is this real life? Well kids, it’s very, very real and my (proud) current version of adulthood. Admitting the obvious or not, I am who I am no matter how hard I try and change it.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about this week!

* I have a new idea. I think I may drink my way to success. Who’s with me?

* Between sipping coffee and fiercely typing on my laptop, I think I might have reserved enough energy to watch the infamous dysfunctional episode of this week’s Jersey Shore. I’m dying to know, has Sammi Sweetheart called for a WWIII with Ron Ron yet?

* Besides my riveting lifestyle, everyone else is going back to college!  It’s time for you to live it up, drink it down and please remember: appreciate all and everything college has to offer.

* Speaking of college and appreciating everything, I plead to alter my previous statement.  Ok, appreciate everything besides these dining hall food traps.

* Looking for a back-to-school pick-me-up (i.e. some quality bookmark material)? Check out  these websites every college kid should consider visiting.

* For some, it’s time to move back into the (super-social) dorm life.  These are the people you can look forward to running into.

* But if you want to date a few of them, keep one thing in mind: stop. being. crazy.

* Money is tight in college. Real tight. We found another way to keep you afloat during the hard times.

And with that, I’m out. Homegirl needs a venti. Stat.

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Gossip Cheat Sheet: All’s Quiet on the Hollywood Front
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