From CollegeFashion: How To Wear a Crop Top

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With summer coming to an end and fall semester quickly approaching, most of us have just a few weeks left to try one of the hottest summer trend: crop tops! With scorching August temperatures still going strong, now is the perfect time to show a little extra skin.

I know many of you think crop tops are hard to wear, but I’m here to prove you wrong: They can be versatile AND flattering when styled correctly. Read on for my tips for wearing crop tops, as well as some sample outfits to get your inspiration going!

Tips for Wearing Crop Tops:

Pick a length. Crop tops come in a variety of shapes and lengths, and depending on how daring you are, you can pick a top that shows only a sliver of your stomach or one that bares your belly. Daring? Try a top that hits above your belly button (as seen above). More conservative? Opt for something that grazes the top of your jeans. When picking the length of your top, you should also consider what you’ll be wearing it with, and where you’re going!

Pick and choose the rest of your look wisely. Crop tops are cute, but they can either look amazing or awful, depending on the outfit you wear them with. Each piece you pair with your top will evoke a different look. A higher waisted bottom paired with a crop top, for example, will limit the amount of skin you’re showing and can actually look sophisticated and fashion-forward.

Add a tank. Not into showing your tummy in a tiny top? Don’t! You can still get that crop-top vibe by wearing one with a tank underneath. You can match your tank to your crop top, try a neutral, go for a color contrast, or just wear a nude tank underneath for the illusion of skin.

Keep it classy. This is a perfect end-of-summer trend to try since, after all, crop tops really aren’t appropriate for work or class, and they’re a bit odd and out of place for a trip to the grocery store! They’re perfect, however, for the gym, the pool, and music festivals. Style your crop top right, and you can even wear it to a party or on a date. Just keep a fun, casual vibe in mind and consider your venue and you’ll be good to go.

Try it out! Still afraid to incorporate crop tops into your summer wardrobe? Try wearing one on the beach over your bathing suit! It’s an effortless, but totally tend-conscious choice that will have people talking! Still not convinced? Layer, layer, layer! You can spice up a long-sleeved tee or a tight dress by wearing a cropped top over it as a layering piece.

Need some outfit inspiration? Allow the CollegeFashion ladies to assist.

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