The 5 Questions We Ask Everyone: Mickey Madden, Maroon 5

Just when you thought Maroon 5 couldn’t get any cooler, they turned down the temperature a little more. (Bad analogy? Whatever. It’s Sunday.)  And I’m not talking about their sick new album, Hands All Over, or their sexy music videos. These guys are just great. Don’t let their rock star persona fool you; they’re down-to-earth, chill, funny and, well, normal (despite the fact that they are Grammy-winning musicians). Yes, they too belt out their favorite songs on the radio and have absolutely no idea where life will take them in 10 years.

How do I know this? Because Mickey Madden, bassist for the band, sat down with us and answered the questions that CollegeCandy readers (myself included!) have been dying to know.

Read on – I know you’re curious.

5 Questions We Ask Everyone

1. What is your favorite college memory/most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
Well, when I was 20 I was arrested for stealing furniture from the foyer at a UCLA extension classroom. There were some appropriate legal consequences for that.

2. What are 5 things you can’t live without?
I’d like to flatter myself by thinking that I could technically live without anything but the bare essentials, but for the purposes of the interview I’ll say: music, books, good food, booze, and a consistent sense of pleasant surprise.

3. What is the motto/advice you live by?
‘We have everything to gain and nothing to lose but boredom’ – R. Vaneigem

4. What is your favorite song to belt out in the bar/in the car/for karaoke?
A friend and I recently did a pretty spirited rendition of ‘The Whole of the Moon‘ by the Waterboys. That’s a good one for belting.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Looking back on my predictions from 2010 and laughing.

5 Questions Just for Mickey

1. OK, so originally the band was called Kara’s Flowers. What’s wrong with Kara and her flowers? What made you choose Maroon 5 as a name?
We needed a fresh start when we changed the name. We added a new member, a new direction.  We were all older and into different things. It made the most sense for us, to shed the Kara’s Flowers name and start fresh.  As for the name Maroon 5, it’s a secret that only the band and Billy Joel know the answer to.

2. Oooo, mysterious! Well, it worked and now you guys have toured the world.  What is your favorite performance memory?
We played Seoul in early 2008 and the arena was arguably the liveliest we’ve ever played for. Almost everyone in the audience was waving a multicolored glowstick in time with the music, which looked absolutely mind-blowing from on-stage.

3. Maroon 5 has gotten a lot of publicity for the explicit content in your music videos. Why make such steamy videos?
Most of the songs deal with sex or lust on some level, thus the videos reflect that. Also Adam is an exhibitionist.

4. Yeah, I’m not complaining at. all. Moving on, most of your fans expect the success and popularity that came with Songs About Jane for your new album, Hands All Over.  Do you think this album will live up to the success that your other albums had? If so, why? What makes this new album different and/or better?
I certainly hope this record finds a big audience, as we’re very proud of it and put a lot of love and energy into it. It’s hard for me to say how it’s different or better since I’m so inside of the process of making it… I can say that Mutt Lange is an exacting and extraordinarily gifted producer, and i do think his fairy dust is present on these recordings.

5. For you, what is the best part about being in Maroon 5? The fans? The guys?
It’s being able to grow up and play with my best friends for the last 15 years.  We’re beyond family members at this point. We’re just a blanket together – well worn and built to last.

And last they have. Grab your pre-order copy of Hands All Over right now.

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