Body Blog: Do This One Thing

The beginning of another school year sneaked up on us, along with an opportunity to meet new people, join new clubs and do better in our classes (okay well I like to tell myself this, at least).  Unfortunately, it’s also the perfect opportunity to gain weight via late night pizza runs and all you can eat dining halls.

Thankfully, for those of you reading this, I have a suggestion, a small tweak really, that might just save you from packing on the pounds.  You ready for it? Like, really, really ready?

OK, here goes: only drink water (and if you must, the occasional coffee).

No soda, no calorie-laden smoothies, fruit juices, or any liquid edible substance with calories.  You would be surprised how much those added calories from beverages add up!

My advice comes from some pretty gosh darn daunting facts about our country of the overweight and obese. Scarily, as I type this, statistics show that thirty-five percent of Americans are medically obese and two thirds of them are overweight.  Also true? Twenty-five percent of our daily calories come from liquids.  This means that calories coming from drinks may play more of a role in our number on the scale than calories coming from foods.  The folks at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have actually studied and found just that.  They published a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that states that the quickest and most reliable way to lose weight is to cut down on liquid calorie consumption.

Even beverages that appear to be healthy may contribute to weight gain and poor health.  The deceptively named, Vitaminwater, sold on many campuses, is anything but healthy. Despite being advertised as a product equipped to induce a “healthy state of physical and mental well-being,” it’s pretty much just sugar water, to which a penny’s worth of synthetic vitamins have been added.  Well, that and thirty-three grams of added sugar per bottle.  Seems like more of a soft drink than a healthy beverage to me.

So here’s my advice: save yourself money, calories, and unwanted pounds by drinking some good old-fashioned water.  If you must spice it up, add some lemon juice and a small amount of honey or maple syrup.  Even drinking one-half fruit juice, one-half regular or carbonated water will save you some pound-packing sugar. Also, relying on the paltry supply of vitamins in a drink like Vitaminwater for your nutrients is not a wise idea.  A much better way to get your vitamins and minerals is to eat real foods and load up on plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Oh, and don’t forget to read those labels!  Thirty-three grams of sugar in Vitaminwater per serving? Whoa, no thank you.

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