Wardrobe Wish List: Anthropologie’s D’Armee Dress

Military-inspired clothing is one of the biggest trends for fall, and while I’m not opposed to the idea, I am having a hard time picturing it fitting into my wardrobe. The trend is so tough and structured that it’s hard to imagine it outside of an army barrack, let alone meshing well with my girly floral dresses or my rocker-chick leather boots (which have enough tough all on their own).

Of course there’s always the military-style pea coat option, but I’m looking to update my actual outfits with some trendy new pieces for fall. Which is why the D’armee Dress from Anthropologie is absolutely perfect.

I have yet to come across another piece that is able to totally channel the military trend while still being utterly feminine with adorable detailing a flirty shape.

The army green keeps with the army-fatigues theme, as does the tough zipper hardware that runs down the front of the dress and the double-breasted pockets with brushed gold buttons. These strong elements are balanced out with endearingly feminine details. I am in love with the ruched sleeves, tabbed shoulders, the pleated skirt, and the cinched waist which perfectly accents an hourglass figure.

Plus, layering cami’s underneath can totally change up the vibe of the dress. Adding a floral print tank will play up the feminine details of the dress and create a perfect day ensemble with tights and flats. For night, adding a black lace cami and lowering the zipper will make it sexy enough for bar-attire. And belting the dress with a brown leather belt, adding a neutral cami underneath and slipping on some worn-in leather boots will have you totally rocking the rugged, military trend that is so hot for fall.

Thank you Anthropologie…I can always count on you to put a romantic, feminine twist on the newest trends. Now I just need you to have a massive sale so that I can bring home this dress without sacrificing my happy hour (hey, once I buy this dress I need to be able to show it off….).

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