8 Under $20: Bring On The End of Summer Sale(s)

Although the end of summer means the end of many good things in life (i.e. slip n’ slides, lemonade stands, dunk tanks, debating the possibility of frying an egg on your driveway…), the end of summer also means the beginning of something brand new.  Something fresh and exciting.  Something every style-hungry college girl craves out there…

End-of-summer sale racks.

Overflowing with those highly coveted summer items, now super duper cheap, they are a fashionista’s dream come true. And just in time for Labor Day! Can you handle it?? I barely can.  In fact, I’m itching to toss this computer aside and haul ass to the mall, frizzy hair be damned.  Oh, but wait.  We have the sales right at here at our manicured fingertips. And it’s all under $20? Who says dreams don’t come true?

These shoes are the perfect transition piece to get you ready for fall fashion. I’m loving the gray suede and the detailed, strappy style. Especially the zipper on the back which makes for easy on (when you’re running late to class in the morning) and easy off (when you’re running into your bed with your honey).

For some reason, I LOVE these. They are flirty and bright and remind me a little of my childhood.  However, if you’re a little nervous about they color, they also come in coal-gray and black. At only $11.50, this makes Forever 21’s list of Fabulous Finds. And with a crisp, simple white tee and a pair of flippy floppies, I would have to agree.

Anndddd another adorbz romper.  I’m starting my own collection in my closet and this one is quickly making its way to the top of the pile. (Yes, pile. Don’t judge.)  The budding rose print and sweetheart neckline is so bubble gum sweet, and rompers are a great tool to begin creating layered fall outfits.  At $12.80, this Gwen Stefani inspired romper wishes to be mine.

Urban Outfitters has an insane end-of-summer sale going on right now.  But even with the loads of great deals, this particular struck my fancy because it is innocent, flirty and the soft lilac color is a perfect way to say TTFN to summer.  I can see this frock already with cute white tights and fabulous ankle booties. Hi fall, I like you!

I’ll be frank: could this get any cuter?  And it looks so cozy!  Imagine it for a moment with a cute straw hat, skinny jeans, a braid and a beautiful brown bag. Hmmm, yummay.   Oh and I’m not done. This keeper is only $7.50.  You do realize that price is equal to a hungover trip to Starbucks? Beautiful.

OK, sans the weird see-through black thingy going on in this picture, the vest, I love.  It would look so fun with pastel colored anything. Its dainty and pleated ruffles are so feminine, so in this season, and could so easily dress up any outfit. Well, maybe not sweats, but still.  P.S. It also comes in dark grey.

And for the portion of your life in college you spend bumpin’ it at the clubs, here is the ideal embroidered shirt for you (which also comes in black).  This top is light and perfect for a night dedicated to dancing and drinking.  It’s versatile (could go with jeans or a high wasted skirt) and would look flattering on everyone.  Another plus: it has a built-in bra. Let freedom ring!

Last but NOT least, for your business-y endeavors, try this gorgeous Express top. It can be transformed into a such a professional dream, it will be tough to pass up.  Ruffles are perfect for fall and the slimming stretch material will keep you gorgeous all season long.

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