5 (Unofficial) Rules to Dorm Living


As we speak (type? read?), freshmen across the country are moving into dorms for the very first time. Woooo! (Don’t forget your flip flops!) We wanted to help them out by providing some basic rules to dorm life (that won’t be covered in the first floor meeting). In order to reach as many freshmen possible, we not only posted this very blog, but we also sent our writers out on foot to flier dorms from coast to coast and help spread the word. That is, assuming they didn’t get caught and assaulted by an R.A. first….

So what are the 5 unofficial rules to dorm living?

We’ve got 4 right here and we’re looking at you (yeah, you!) to tell us #5. Why would you do that? Well, besides just being a generally nice person and doing something out of the goodness of your heart, how about doing it for $200 worth of textbooks at CampusBookRentals.com?

Yeah, we’re pretty nice, right?. So read (and adhere to) our 4 rules and then add your own. We’ll randomly select a winner September 10, 2010 and announce the results on Twitter and Facebook.

1. Make BFF with the R.A
Just because you’re hundreds of miles away from your parents doesn’t mean there are no rules (yeah…the movies kinda lied).  Be nice to your R.A and she’ll be much more likely to look the other way when you roll a keg down the hallway wearing nothing but a sexy dinosaur costume. Ignore her and she’s likely to knock on your door at 3 A.M when you’re hooking up with a stranger claiming that there are “noise complaints” from your neighbor.

2. Give Poopers Privacy
It doesn’t matter how badly you need to shower or how much you want to check out your post walk-of-shame look under the unforgiving fluorescent lights. If you walk into the bathroom and smell/hear something coming from the corner stall, be polite, take your caddy, and leave. You’ll be thankful for this rule on the one day you take a risk and try the dining hall’s lamb tacos.

3. Prepare for Sexiling

There will come a time when you’re out playing flip-cup-turned-beer-pong-turned-binge-drinking when you’ll get a text from your roommate telling you to please, please find somewhere else to sleep that night. Prepare for this night in advance by making sure that you find a friend who doesn’t mind sharing her single bed and/or has a futon. Because there’s truly nothing worse than falling asleep to groaning, moaning, and “that feels so good…what’s your name again?”

4. Avoid Dormcest
Forget the fact that it’s convenient and forget the fact that it involves a limited walk of shame. The relationship will not last and you’ll be stuck awkwardly waiting for elevators together for the rest of the semester. Trust us. The last thing you want is to bump into him on the way to the shower and have to make an awkward “lol, we should shower together, jk, jk, so over you, not really, lol.”

5. Your Rule
We’re looking at you for rule #5. Submit your own rule and enter to win a $200 gift card from CampusBookRentals.com. (Yeah, that’s free money and free books. We got your back, girls.)

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner Alison who submitted this awesome rule: Another one I can think is to watch what your drinking.  Before you take that next shot or do that next beer bong, ask yourself if it’s a good idea.  If you think you’re already quite drunk, try to refrain from drinking more.  Because if you don’t, then the people in your dorm hall including your roommates will be the ones stuck carrying your drunk ass home and cleaning your puke off of the floor. She’s won TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS from CampusBookRentals.com!

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