Would You Leave Facebook for A CollegeOnly World?

Would you say goodbye to the FB?

Back in the ages of early social media, I turned to Facebook to find as many friends as I could before I went to college my freshman year. “Hey [insert name here], it says you are living in [insert dormitory here], like, OMG let’s meet up and do our laundry together or something!”

Facebook was there for all my major college needs, and I quickly came to depend on the status update to let people know I was really fun/cool/endearing, busily tagged myself in pictures, and coyly searched for the cute boy in my Spanish class…

Then things started to change.

The mom friend request. The 13-year-old sister friend request. The 13-year-old sister’s friend’s friend request. The sparkly new mini-feed, which loaded itself and pressured me into talking to people on Facebook I forgot I was friends with. (“Bill is lonely. Reconnect!” Um, Facebook? Chill your jets, Bill is lonely because he peed his bed Sunday morning after our first football home game.) And now, Facebook is begging you to check in with Facebook Places.

Oh, goody.
And by “goody” I mean, “WTF IS YOUR DEAL, FACEBOOK?!”

I can’t count how many times I wanted to meet the people who were changing the online community I had built, take them by the shoulders and shake the ‘idiot’ right out of them. How many times I drew a line in the sand and threatened to say goodbye to FB forever.

But would I really?

Well, that option is becoming reality as a barrage new social networks come our way. One of which will give us the opportunity to go back to the way things were so many years ago: college kids only.

An original Facebook supporter has invested in a new social site called CollegeOnly. And yes, the name of the site says it all: it’s restricted to college kids only, peeps.  And it does not plan on expanding or offering access to a non-college student demographic.  CollegeOnly will focus solely on the privacy of college kids and the freedom to not worry about future bosses seeing those pictures you were tagged in after power hour. A silly promotional picture for CollegeOnly even states, “I like your mom, but why is she poking me?” High-larious!

Sounds pretty great, right? Seems like a good enough reason to pack your bags tagged pictures and make the switch. But really, would you?

Although CollegeOnly sounds like an awesome place to spend a healthy chunk of my free time (because the privacy rules are the bomb.com), I’m having a difficult time (and experiencing pre-separation anxiety) seeing myself switch over. Even with all of my FB pet peeves. I’ve invested so much time into Facebook – building my network, loading my photos, coming up with witty status updates that people “like”… Do I really want to start all over again, even if it meant that my great aunt Ethel wouldn’t see my Pimps and Ho’s party photos??

What do you think?
Would you make the switch to CollegeOnly? Or does Facebook, despite all its downfalls, have a special (and permanent) place in your heart?

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