Weekly Wrap Up: Is It Time For Jeggings and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes Yet?

Finally, the end of summer is almost here and I couldn’t be happier. Humidity is no longer taunting the frizzy mess on my head and suddenly all my taste buds can think about is one of those pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks (accompanied by a Pumkin Loaf). I’m dreaming of long walks around campus (while stepping on the crunchiest of leaves) and wearing an American Apparel hoodie to the library everywhere I go.

College in the fall is really a beautiful thing. All of those boys wear those cute knit beanies and I can finally whip out my buttery chestnut tall boots and vintage scarf.  There is a valid excuse to drink Baileys and hot chocolate instead of doing homework on a Saturday afternoon, and you can fall asleep to the distant hum of college football.

Whew, is it getting hot in here or what? Before you get too excited (and I get so nostalgic for my college days that I curl up in the fetal position for a week), let’s look at a glorious week that was.

* Dorm living should seriously come with a long list of rules.  Shiz can get technical and difficult to endure! Here is a list of 4 unofficial dorm living rules we at CollegeCandy have collected. And it’s up to you to come up with the 5th rule (and win a hefty prize!).

* It seems like every day I’m on Facebook, someone has one of those incredibly in depth status updates about their love life, their bowel movements and other various things I just really never want to hear about ever again. Can we hold on the facebook overshare, people??

* I thought Math was my worst subject. Until it came to Chemistry. . .and dating.

* August has been a month of ’90s nostalgia.  After intense voting, you have dubbed your favorite thing about ’90s…(drum roll please)….Cory and Topanga! And Cory Matthews (or Ben Savage) says thank you.

* MySpace to Facebook. Facebook to Twitter. What’s next? Apparently Facebook to CollegeOnly.  Would you leave Facebook for a CollegeOnly world? I say I’ll consider, if they give me candy.

* Argh, do college graduates know anything?? We discovered five lies people will tell you about your freshman year.

* If anything is difficult in life, it’s getting over that dude you’d been dating since Heidi Montag still looked human. Here, let us make it easy for you to get over him.

* It’s almost that time of year again: college bar season (insert celebratory fist pump). We’ve got a heads up for you; the ten most annoying peeps at the bar.

* OK, before you go enjoy your busy/lazy/hungover weekend, be sure to help out the flood victims in Pakistan. And get off Facebook. It’s beautiful outside!

Single. And Liking a Boy
Single. And Liking a Boy
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