One Month Challenge: Facebook Diet, Week 4

[Everyone’s got a vice, a bad habit, something they know they need to change. Unfortunately, everyone also has a million excuses why they just can’t do it. Not anymore. Every month we will be following a different CollegeCandy writer as she takes on a personal challenge. This month we’re following Ariel as she, GASP, quits Facebook. She made it through her first week, despiter her body shutting down (no, for real). She was fine during week numero dos, even feeling a sense of freedom. And then she had a little relapse. Let’s check in and see how she survived her fourth and final week sans the ‘book.]

So I have now gone four mostly Facebook-free weeks. Which is saying something considering my little incident last weekend. I swear the universe was playing games with me for my final week of this challenge.

I’m officially back on campus, which makes living without Facebook damn near impossible. How am I supposed to figure out my plans for the night without FB lining up my social calendar in a neat column organized by RSVPs of definitely yes, maybe (if nothing else is going on) and no you will not catch me there if suddenly you were the only house throwing down in Frat Land?

And if that’s not bad enough, during some Thirsty Thursday festivities, my Crackberry (and myself) experienced a little blackout. Yeah, my only connection to the world was gone. Without Facebook or a cell phone, there would be nearly no way to communicate with anyone. I took a moment to cry/freak out. How would I contact my friends to let them know I was going to be late for our Friday night pre-game?

It was almost scary how disconnected I felt.

Finally, thinking outside the box a bit, I logged onto Gchat, email and Twitter, using every last mode of communication I could think of to get in touch. I breathed a sigh of relief.

But then I realized another major issue: my Blackberry phone book was gone. No numbers. No BBM pins. And no way to tell everyone I know to “Give me your numbers, please, I’ll love you forever” without the help of a trusty Facebook group. It was at that moment, as I held my dead Blackberry in my hand, that I realized how central Facebook has become to my life. Thank god for Will, the  lovely man from the North Atherton Verizon store. He somehow managed to recover my numbers and totally saved my social life.

It was a trying and emotional week, but I made it work. I survived the busiest week of August so far and the three weeks before it. All without Facebook.

So what can I say about this challenge? Well, I’ve learned to live life without my Newsfeed. I’ve learned that someone texting you with a party invite is so much better than a mass Facebook event. (Really… when was the last time you called someone INDIVIDUALLY to invite them to be your partner for Fifth and a Friend?) I learned the difference between the people who genuinely want to talk to me (and are willing to pick up the phone to do so) and the people who only talk to me because they are bored or procrastinating.

I’ve learned that there are so many other great things to fill my time with than sitting in front of a computer and stalking some random girl’s photos (full of people I don’t know).

In the end, I’m proud of myself for taking on this challenge and serving a giant, steaming bowl of  “I told you so” to everyone who said I wouldn’t be able to do it. I did. So there.

And I can’t wait to brag all about my success in multiple status updates come Wednesday morning.

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