CollegeCandy’s Welcome Week Photo Contest

Sure summer was great, but we’re secretly thrilled to be done with the sunburns, bikini body issues, and living at home.

We’re insanely excited to get this school year off to an awesome start — and we know you are too. There’s no other week in the school year filled with quite the same excitement, enthusiasm, and hangover headaches as Welcome Week.

So to celebrate your school spirit we’re kicking off this semester with a Welcome Week Photo Contest. Upload your best welcome week photos (the photos that scream “I’m SO excited to be back at school”) to our Facebook wall and be eligible to win a $500 gift certificate from

You have until September 20th to post your photos (with a stellar caption), at which time we’ll choose the 5 that made us want to pack our bag and go back to college best. We’ll post those 5 on CollegeCandy on September 21st and leave it up to you, our fine readers, to vote for the best.

Whoever’s photo gets the most votes will take home $500 worth of fantabulous fashion from We’ll announce the winner right here, so come back and claim your prize.

So what are you waiting for? Get offline and go make some photo magic!

Emmy Fashion: The Good, The Bad and The WTF
Emmy Fashion: The Good, The Bad and The WTF
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