The Weekly Ten: Our Favorite Bros

What up, brah?

Every week, I write a list. Definitely not a to-do list (because it’s not satisfying checking “browse J.Crew’s website” and “Re-watch every episode of Rachel Zoe” off a list) and not “that list” (because I haven’t added to that list… in forever), but rather a list of whatever is relevant and weighing heavy on the CollegeCandy readers’ minds (or just mine) right now. This week? I’m all about the bros.

Love ’em, hate ’em, or love to Ice ’em, bros are weighing heavy on CollegeCandy’s mind lately. Look no further than your local college campus or frat party to find the bro of your dreams. I think what’s so great about bros is that you just have such a diversity. From frat bros to sensitive guitar-playing bros to the chill smoker bro, there’s a bro for everyone.

But bros aren’t just creepin’ around your campus. Nope, you can even find them everywhere you turn in popped collar culture. They’re officially taking over the world….and I like it. In fact, here are ten of my faves.

10. Brett Favre: The Egomaniacal Athlete Bro.
A bro until retirement. Or  not. Or retirement again. Or not.

9. Nate from Gossip Girl (Chace Crawford): Trust Fund Manhattan Bad-Boy Bro
So maybe Nate is a bit more girly than your average bro, but you better believe with that slamming athletic bod, penchant for trouble and prepster style, he’s our choice Upper East Side bro. Plus, he’s totally got a secret, tortured edge to him.

8. Don Draper from Mad Men (Jon Hamm): Playboy Ad Exec in the ’60s Bro
Gotta love a bro who can drink during the day, schmooze with other bros and womanize like nobody’s business. It’s okay, it was the ’60s; that sort of thing doesn’t happen nowadays. Right?

7. Stifler from American Pie (Sean William Scott): Cocky Sex-Addict Bro
Our bully, douchey bro that we’d still love to nail. Plus, throw in a little Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs) for the ultimate summer blockbuster bromance. No bromo.

6. The Situation (Mike Sorrentino): Guidbro
If you don’t know by now, I’m obsessed with the Jersey Shore. The Situation embodies the player bro, pulling out all the stops to get with girls and making up nicknames for the uggos like “grenades” and “landmines.” With the Ed Hardy shirt and those aviators, we’ve got ourself a guido-bro.

5. John Mayer: Super-Sensitive-On-the-Outside/Napalm-on-the-Inside Bro
Our quintessential narcissistic hyper-sensitive, “I play my guitar to woo the ladies” guy. There’s one at every party.

4. Mario Bros. (Mario and Luigi): Super Nintendo Bros
Come on, they’re Italian, they like pizza, they save princesses. What’s not to love? You know these two could totally get down with some DMB and ultimate frisbee.

3. David Wooderson from Dazed and Confused (Matthew McConaughey): Townie Bro
“I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age” What’s more bro-y than that? Plus he coined “L-i-v-i-n,” the stoner-bro chant of the century.

2. PHIL (corrected by “stacy”- thanks!) from The Hangover (Bradley Cooper): Prepster Greaseball Bro
It was difficult to pick just one Bradley (Bro-dley) Cooper bro for this list (his range of bro-dom is extraordinary), however, Stu from The Hangover perfected the sleezey-yet-hot bro goes to Vegas and made us all want to have him as our wingman.

1. Bluto from Animal House (John Belushi): Original Frat Guy Bro
How can you not make the guy who reinvented the toga into an ultimate frat party theme #1? Just imagine he’s smashing John Mayer’s guitar here.

And if you don’t see something you like here? Check out this movie where bros are automatically added to the classics.

An Insider’s Guide to the College Party Scene
An Insider’s Guide to the College Party Scene
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