The Post-Grad Journey: The Hollywood Manual

Life obviously does not come with an instruction manual, and I’ll be the first to admit – sometimes I wish it did. When I went off to college, I knew it would take awhile to learn the ins-and-outs of living on campus, actively learning, and partying like a rock star, but it didn’t take me long to learn how to be what I like to call a “professional college student,” fulfilling all the duties and stereotypes known to man. It was easy. Post-grad though, well, it’s just a little more complicated. I never know where life after college will take me.

So, I guess I’m coping by doing what any 22-year-old would do: dabbling a little bit in this and a little bit in that. Although the LSAT is top priority (yeah you evil logic games, I’m talking to you), I have been on the prowl for an internship. In fact, since I’ve been out in California, I have applied for about a million (ok – probably about 25) different internships. Nearly every one required me to get college credit…which sucks for me since I’m past that stage. One, which I took, ended up being a major joke. However, finally, something perfect came along. For about two weeks now, I have been interning at a major online celebrity/pop culture gossip magazine. Instead of sitting behind a desk all day, I spent my first day at the red carpet premiere of Pirahna 3D. Since then, there has been no turning back when it comes to working celebrity gifting suites and Emmy weekend red carpet charity events.

Really, it’s one of those perfect internships that any girl who reads the tabloids, keeps up with the Kardashians, and obsesses over things such as Snooki’s tan and Lindsay Lohan’s jail time would die for. Like everyone’s favorite Hollywood intern, Lauren Conrad at Teen Vogue, it’s one of those opportunities where the world kinda opens up and sends you running in a million different directions. It’s perfect for me because it’s the perfect side-kick for studying for the LSAT. A lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too. A perfect mixture of pleasure and pain, which constantly keeps me on my toes and motivated (motivation is key when it comes to the LSAT, at least for me).

But boy, do I wish Hollywood came with a guide beyond Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” It’s a completely different world than what I’ve ever experienced, even as an intern in New York City. There are stilettos and legs that go on for miles and miles. Plastic surgery is all around me. In fact, a girl at the gifting suite told me if I wanted to fix my thin lips she could recommend a good plastic surgeon that specializes in lip injections (as much as I wanted to cry for the insult, I couldn’t believe people actually say these things). There are actresses, actors, PR people, reporters, photographers, press passes, parties. And since coming from a small school in Virginia, it’s hard not to sing with Miley Cyrus on this one: “This is all so crazy, everybody seems so famous.” While a lot of people get swept up in the limelight of Hollywood, I just want to stay afloat and get the most of the internship that I can.

One thing’s for sure on this post-grad journey, I will take you guys along for the ride. Who knows if Hollywood is going to pick me up and spit me out, or if I will manage to survive and feel at home doing celebrity interviews (to be honest, it’s kinda weird asking questions that seem a little too blunt) and rocking some major pumps. I’m hoping, since L.C. did it – I can too. And even though a guide to surviving as a post-grad intern in Hollywood doesn’t exist, I’m hoping I can learn the ropes of the red carpet just as fast as I was able to learn how to be the best damn college kid around, and as fast as I became used to the constant surprise factor of being a post-grad.

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