Snooki and Elaine from ‘Seinfeld’: Separated at Birth?

Earlier this week, the New York Times posted one of their chuckle-worthy trend pieces on how the look of Seinfeld icon Elaine Benes is suddenly de rigeur among fashionistas. Suddenly, those flouncy floral dresses, lace tops, floppy hair and boxy denim jackets Elaine sported through the better part of the classic NBC series are back in a big way among style-conscious gals.

Now, I’m as big of a Seinfeld fan as anyone. I’m most certainly the master of my domain, I’ve eaten at the real “coffee shop,” Tom’s diner (the food’s not that great), and vetted more than a few potential partners for their spongeworthy-ness. Hell, I’m pretty sure my current career as a magazine writer in New York was inspired in part by subconscious, youthful admiration for the Seinfeld heroine herself. But would I advocate a full-on renaissance of Elaine’s style? Initially, my answer was an adamant “no!” But then I realized that the Elaine look has already been in revival for quite some time.

Nine months’ time, to be precise.

Since the premiere of our favorite fist-pumping partygoers on The Jersey Shore last December, I knew I’d seen Snooki before. That hair? That sass? That cute-meets-cuckoo persona? She’s totally a tanned-up, dressed-down street version of Elaine!

Don’t believe me? Evidence that Lainey and Snooks were separated at birth:

1.  Neither of them can dance.

2.  They’re always hanging around the same bunch of dudes.

3.  They’ve been known to shove people around.

4.  They occasionally reveal their nether regions to the public.

5.  Oh yeah, and The Pouf.

The likeness is uncanny.

Ladies, what do you think? Do any other similarities come to mind?

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