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Even though it’s been a full week since I returned from my adventures in Europe, I’m still on a high from my trip. (Although that might have more to do with the sheer volume of coffee I’ve been consuming to combat the jetlag….) It seemed like the chic little Parisian hotel we stayed at was in the center of everything I wanted to see and do. There were tons of shops, little brasseries with beyond delicious food, and impressive monuments nearby.

With so much to do, whenever I came back to the hotel, I was exhausted. So I’d plop in bed and watch BBC or CNBC, the only two English channels the hotel offered. On one particularly exhausting day, I kicked up my feet and watched a show about entrepreneurs who made their dreams come true on which Sara Blakely, the inventor of Spanx, was featured.

The entire thing was fascinating. The woman started with an idea for shapewear and ended up creating a multimillion dollar business, changing the lives of women around the world, and getting tight with Oprah in the process. (Editor’s Note: And that little hole that allows for quicker bathroom trips….BRILLIANT!)

I’m in awe of Sara, and she’s proof that if you believe in a great idea and really push for it (in the beginning, she walked around on the street, quizzing random women about their underwear insecurities and getting the word out!), great things can happen. So, of course, that got me thinking…

Would You Rather get a grant for $100,000 to help start the business of your choosing OR have $50,000 to use to travel the world for as long as it lasted you?

Things to Consider: Being your own boss, changing the world, seeing the world…for free.

Think about it. Think about it some more. Vote. Then tell everyone why below.

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