Surviving Your First Tailgate – A Guide

So, you’ve moved into the dorms, made it through syllabus week in class, and you’re feeling ready to get your day drink on. Tailgating before the big game is a rite of passage every freshman should look forward to. It’s a chance to bleed (insert your school’s colors here) and act like it’s five o’clock somewhere… even if it’s only nine in the morning.

To help you do it right, we’ve got some advice for your first tailgate. So follow the guidelines below and get ready to party hardy.

Stick With a Crew

It’s always a good idea for girls to stay with a group of friends when they go out. When it comes to tailgating, multiply a party’s noise level by 20 and the guest list by 100. Try and keep track of each other so you don’t find yourself alone in a sea of school spirit and booze.

Plan Ahead

While I’m all for spontaneity, a tailgate day is one of those times that calls for a little preparation. Know what time you’re meeting up with your friends and what time you’re heading to the tailgate. And even if you skip breakfast every other day, make an exception on this day because drinking on an empty stomach will really screw you over. If you really want to be a champ and go out at night too, leave some time to nap. Trust me, you’ll need it.

Dress Comfortably

At a tailgate, you’ll be in a huge crowd and on your feet for a few hours, so keep the outfit simple. Denim shorts, a school t-shirt, and flats or sandals are a perfect go-to. Go all out with face paint, ribbons, and beads in your school colors and you’ll be good to go.

And Wear Your Sunscreen

Even if your school colors are red and white, let your clothes show your support, not your precious skin.

Heads Up

For some reason, some people feel the need to throw cups or beer cans when they get drunk. So keep an eye out. Go ahead and laugh at this advice, but don’t come crying to me when you’re nearly decapitated by a Natty Light.

Don’t Be a Hot Mess

You gotta go big or go home when it comes to day drinking. But be careful not to cross that line from “feel good” drunk to “it’s a really good idea to dance on the hood of this car” drunk. Most of the student body will be at the tailgate, and they will remember your drunken antics if you make a fool of yourself. Even worse, you could end up passed out in your room (or on a sidewalk somewhere) before the game even starts! For your own safety and dignity, keep your intoxication within limits.

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