End of Summer Bucket List

I’m a die-hard fan of summer.  I mean, come on.  Shirtless guys, gorgeous weather, no school…what’s not to love?  But as we find the best season of all coming to a close – mega sadface – I can’t help but feel there are a few quintessential summer activities left to squeeze in.

Put down that back-to-school shopping list; don’t even think about buying textbooks just yet.  I’ve got your final pre-fall moments all planned out in this ultimate bucket list:

Snag Some Pool Time
Preferably all weekend long.  Pretty soon the temperatures will drop and your bikini will just look out of place amongst all those North Face fleeces.  Worship the sun while you still can, and while it’s still appropriate.

Indulge in the Fashions
White.  Linen.  Sundresses.  Seersucker.  Flip flops.  Okay, maybe not flip flops, but there are definitely a few items in your closet that have an expiration date.  As much as I’d love to see snowsuits made of madras, it’s probably never going to happen (and would also probably fit into that “too much of a good thing” category).  Throw ‘em all on now before the fashion police beat down your door and force you into cashmere.

Chow Down and Drink Up
While no one says you can’t enjoy a frozen beverage or a good hot dog after the summer season, for some reason it’s just not as fun.  Go to the grocery store with your friends and insist on last barbecue – kabobs, margaritas, corn on the cob, watermelon…go all out!

Play Those Dumb Games
If you’ve been to the beach, chances are you’ve seen the idiots three feet in front of you playing that game with the paddles and ball that looks like tennis except for the fact that there’s no net.  Yeah?  Know what I’m talking about?  Or other games like bocce ball and badminton.  You know they’re not going to be fun, but it’s in the spirit of summer to give it a try anyway. And you can drink while you do it, so there’s that…

Escape Town One Last Time
Plan a fun escape with your favorite friends.  It doesn’t need to be far or expensive, maybe just an overnight to the shore or a day trip to that fabulous outlet mall.  Before your weekends become devoted to football (and, you know, studying), throw everyone in the car and insist on one last jaunt.

Sleep In
If you’re going to have a class before noon, I really don’t need to say any more.

TV: All. Day. Long.
Pick a show you want to get into this fall and rent the previous seasons on DVD.  Then fix up a bowl of popcorn, put on your comfiest clothes, and settle in.  Is it possible to do nothing and still feel as though you’ve achieved so much?  Time to find out!

Run Through a Sprinkler
Because if you do it in October, you’ll just look like an idiot.

Read a Book Not for School
Pretty soon it’s going to be all French philosophers and wars no one remembers.  Gross.  Even if you insist on keeping it a little higher-brow that Twilight, still read something you want to read…while there’s still enough free time in your day.

Shop those Summer Sales
As much as we’d like these great deals to stick around, it’s just impossible.  Buy cute camis to layer in chillier weather and maybe some bikinis for next year.  It won’t help the weather stay warm, but it’ll definitely keep your wallet full and your wardrobe stylin’.

Relive Summer All Year Long
And just becuase the summer is over and we’re sipping on pumpkin lattes doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating the summer spirit.

Wardrobe Wish List: Michael Kors Camel Coat
Wardrobe Wish List: Michael Kors Camel Coat
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