The Know: Social Networking Comes to iTunes

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It’s no secret that my iPod is a home for all things Backstreet Boys. Teeny-bopper music has become a staple in my life since, well, the ’90s. And if it wasn’t for my friends filling me in on new artists (or Ben Savage sharing brand new songs), I would probably still only be listening to Ace of Base and O-Town. (And if it wasn’t for Apple, I would probably still be listening to them on my Discman.)

But now, the geniuses at Apple have jumped on the social networking bandwagon and I will no longer need stars of TGIF emailing me new songs in order to stay up to date with amazing new jams.

Enter: Ping, Apple’s new music social network that lives right in your iTunes. Just like Twitter, you can follow and be followed so you can see what others are listening to and they can see what you’ve recently downloaded as well (if you choose to be public).

The idea behind Ping is that not only will you be able to see what your BFFAEs are listening to, but also celebs, total randos, and, even better, the music that your favorite musicians are into. Loving Bruno Mars? Well now you can see what he loves too. Sa-weeeet.

Ping is feed-based like FB and Twitter; you can post videos, photos, comments, opinions or songs—and comment on all of those things. But here’s the best part: posted songs are buyable with just one click!

And there’s even more fabulousness: in the iTunes Store you’ll see recent activity from your friends and the people you wish were your friends (aka the various artists you might be following), thus exposing you to all sorts of music you wouldn’t have known about anyway. Plus, you’ll have custom song and album charts populated by what you and your besties are listening to the most. And if you’re looking at an artist, you can see their upcoming concerts, including the ones going on near you.

It’s like they KNOW you.
Finally, someone (or something?) who totes gets you. And your musical tastes.

Oh, and it’s also available on the iPhone and iPod touch!

This is great for music lovers looking for music you’ve never heard before or for those of us stuck listening to what we know and love and could use a little bit of guidance in the realm of new tunes. And that is one big, fat reason why Ping is worth knowing about.

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