The Starting Line: My First Week of College

So here I sit in my dorm room listening to Shakira’s Waka Waka playing on repeat and sweating from shaking it like a She Wolf.

Needless to say, the first days of college have been treating me well.

After a month of worrying over whether my roommates and I would get along, I now believe that whoever does rooming assignments has some sort of magical touch because while we 4 are not best friends (does anyone really have a best friend after 5 days?) we do get along curiously well and sometimes I feel myself falling into Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or Sex and the City mode… especially after we all bonded over some fro yo last night.

The question is: am I in a college-themed chick flick?

Possibly. The floor below and above us is dotted with various cute boys with whom we flirt and our dorm room kinda looks like PBTeen threw up in it… in a good way. Lax bros chill on campus in lax pennies and backwards lax caps in lawn chairs (can we just call them lax chairs?). Growing up in a lax-bro-less suburb, I really thought that they were a myth, but I am now a firm believer. And lax bros (despite being majorly douchey) are hot.

But all that aside, campus is incredibly gorgeous and full of like-minded people sunbathing in the grass while others Frisbee about. And the birds are chirping and I never have breakouts and my hair looks like The Little Mermaid’s lux locks every day. OK, that last part is a lie – my hair still hasn’t gotten used to the water in these showers yet. If only, right?

At times, life isn’t exactly the land of Elle Woods here (which, until I got here, was totally what I expected). For example, I’ve learned to not expect too much out of frat parties that are advertised via a college-wide emailing. They will inevitably be so crowded that you have no room to dance nor can you find alcohol, and unless you actually know people in the frat (which I feel like most freshmen here don’t), you just feel out of place. Also the people there are generally other people who got the email and had nothing better to go to—aka freshman who are trying hard to get their social lives on track. Desperate people are no fun.

But I mean, it is only the first week of college and everyone is kinda desperate to make friends, and I’m sure parties will get better as time comes. (And as consolation, the suite parties that I’ve been to are much smaller and much more fun.)

Meanwhile, the other question on my mind is the whole hooking up side of life. I mean, we’re not in high school anymore; condoms are in the hallways for a reason, right? In high school, hooking up meant making out, but in college does it automatically transfer to having sex? I feel like so much more is expected out of hooking up here. Do I just go with the flow or do I do the Oprah-style “right” thing and listen to my heart? The answer should be obvious, but it’s not.

In fact, nothing about this new college life is.

My first week of college has been jam-packed with new people, new experiences and a whole slew of new questions. It’s been exciting and exhilarating, but I just can’t wait to really settle in to the college life and have everything figured out.

Tell me about your first few days of college!

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