Gossip Cheat Sheet: Get It Together, Tinseltown!

In Hollywood, there are many variations of crazy. We’ve got the Lindsay Lohans, the Mel Gibsons, the Heidi Montags. There’s all sorts of lunatic species over there. But that’s why we love it, no? Just when you think the celebs have learned their lessons (I feel like a mom) they get into trouble again!

Silly little celebrities, get it together! Or don’t. It’s more fun this way.

King Size

1. T.I. is probably going back to jail! This time with his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. The two were pulled over in Los Angeles because the police smelled marijuana coming from the car. They also reportedly found ecstasy and maybe even meth. YIKES! This could be big trouble for the rapper since he just got out of jail and has a three year probation. Be smart about getting stupid, brah!

2. Paris Hilton got arrested this weekend in Vegas for cocaine possession. Her heroic boyfriend, Cy Waits (you know, the guy who saved her life), was also arrested on DUI charges. Paris has come up with thousands of excuses for the coke in her bag (“I thought it was gum,” and “I don’t wear fake bags” are my two faves), none of which are very convincing. Since her arrest, Paris has been banned from several Las Vegas hotels including the Encore and Wynn. Thank god she’s still got the Hilton.

3. Lindsay Lohan filed a cease and desist against her dad, Michael Lohan! Apparently, Papa Lohan has been trying to sell LiLo’s diary excerpts from her rehab stint in 2007. This may be the reason our favorite felon was spotted out at a club with alcohol in the picture. But if she was actually drinking, we don’t know. Hopefully she’ll stay on the right path this time. We’re pulling for you, Lindsay!

4. Funnylady Chelsea Handler and her hot animal trainer boyfriend, Dave Salmoni, split up! Sadface. The two have been together for awhile and were spotted in August together at a Natasha Beddingfield concert. She even interviewed him a few times on her show. Chelsea mentioned the split on her September 1st episode and said she “was working very intimately with the Animal Planet, but unfortunately, that contract was terminated.” At least she knows how to laugh it off!

5. Are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt faking it? We’ve been speculating that all the Speidi dramz is a publicity stunt and for good reason. The two have been spotted together in Costa Rica with their dogs! And they’ve pulled the plug on the sex tape sale with Vivid Entertainment. The good news is that Heidi’s looking a lot more normal, and she’s still planning to get her implants reduced. Could this be a change we’re seeing?

Bite Sized

1. Have no fear, Anne Hathaway’s hair is a wig! Since the disaster of Emma Watson’s pixie cut, it seemed that Anne was following the trend, but it turns out it’s a wig for her new movie, One Day. So sad – she looked gorge.

2. It looks like Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are back together. They were spotted at the US Open doing some serious making out. Yay!

3. The cast for Dancing With The Stars season 11 (or Dancing with the Douche Lords) is out! It includes The Situation, Bristol Palin, David Hasselhoff and more!

4. Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds in the same movie? YES please! They have signed on to do an action-comedy about two San Francisco police officers whose dads were on the force together. Yay!

5. Oh.my.gawd! Drool over True Blood sexpot Ryan Kwanten.

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