From CollegeFashion: 4 Must-Have Accessories for Fall & How To Wear Them

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For most people, the end of August means enjoying the last weeks of summer, trying to wear those short-shorts a few more times before their tan wears off, and dreading the chunky knits and layers that arrive come November. But for those of us who love fashion, this time of year is incredibly exciting! I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for fall fashion; I’ve already got my knee-high socks on and am digging out my favorite cardigans!

But, like the rest of you, I too am working with a college student budget. As much as I would love to buy a full-length camel skirt and a real leather aviator jacket, I know I can’t afford either. Fortunately, with a few new accessories, every college student can look fresh for Fall/Winter without spending a lot.

Fall/Winter 2010 fashion is very much about a classic, clean, ladylike look- it’s all very Mad Men. Accessories are understated and sophisticated– the embellishments of last season are left behind and this season, fashion embraces a simple but elegant practicality that reflects the return to long-lasting pieces. So while accessories are few and far between, there are a few pieces that will bring your wardrobe up-to-date for fall.


So what are the top 4 must-have accessories for Fall/Winter 2010?

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