8 Reasons I’m Happy Summer is Over

I spent all my cold winter nights dreaming of beaches and sunshine and the perfectly bronzed skin I’d have come the end of summer.

Then summer came and I was happy (minus a few sunburns and one month-long humidity frizzfest). Then summer came even harder — 95 degrees harder — and as the sweat pooled in that little fold behind my knees I knew it: I was ready for fall. I began to yearn for loosely draped scarves around my neck, crunchy leaves under my leather boots and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.

While “end of summer” might sound depressing if you’re forty with a real job or 17 with another year of high school coming at ya, fall for the CollegeCandy girl is fa-fa-fabulous. And here are 8 reasons why.

1. Fall TV, duh. We’ve been waiting a long 4 months on pins and freaking needles to find out if Chuck and Blair will get back together and if the Glee club will ever get a break. And we’ve had to rely on crappy Project Runway and re-runs of Flipping Out to pass the long, stressful days. Well not anymore. Welcome back to my life, Fall TV!

2. Beasting Out. Now that I’m not wearing bikinis and mini-skirts every night, no one will know if I’m a Venus Goddess or a wolverine under my skinny jeans

3. Football season (!!). If you go to a Division 1 school, the joy of the Football Saturday needs no explanation. After all, Saturday morning is the best night of the week.

4. Bum It. When it was sunny every day, I always felt like a bum if I didn’t go running. Or to the beach. Or get out of my bed because the room was spinning and/or there was a Real Housewives marathon on Bravo.  However, now that it’s going to get cold, I can hang out in my bed with coffee and some Pop-Tarts and not feel like God is ashamed of my general slothiness.

6. Drinking, but no driving. Back on college campuses, no one has to worry about a DD.  And that’s a win/win for everyone (because the only thing worse than being the DD is having to hang out with Grumpy McDesignated Driver).

7. Parental Control. Pause. Not. Even as a senior in college, I still have to report to the parentals where I’m going, what I’m doing, and who I’m going to be with.  Now, if I want to spend the afternoon day drinking or watching Michigan squirrels roam around campus, no one will stop me.

8. Extra Padding. If you gain 5 pounds, it’s just a little added warmth for your walk to class. And with all those thick sweaters and school sweatshirts you’ll be wearing from now until April, no one will be able to tell anyway.

And that’s a bingo!

Welcome back, Fall. It’s good to see (and smell) you.

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Intro to Cooking: Grilled Shrimp Marinade
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