CC Beauty Live: French Side Braid

Braids have taken a turn from that hip, surfer girl look to a sophisticated, romantic style. And everybody’s wearing them. There are so many fun things to do with braids, like the small side braid into a ponytail, the braided bun, the two braids as a headband, and more.

Those are all well and good (and a great way to deal with that messy hair when you’re running 15 minutes late to class in the morning), but once I saw this French side braid, they all paled in comparison. I’m in LOVE. (In fact, I’m longing for lengthy locks so my own side braid will look better!)

This braid is just as simple as the rest, but the placement is a little different. So watch the vid and find out how it’s done!
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Budget Stylista: Cargo Cute Cute
Budget Stylista: Cargo Cute Cute
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