Labor Day Link-A-Palooza

We know. It’s a three-day weekend and you have yet to get out of your pajamas. Heck, you have yet to even get out of bed. That’s cool with us. That’s why sweats were invented. And actually, if we had our way, you wouldn’t get out of bed all day. Because it makes us feel better knowing we’re not the only sloths around we have an insanely awesome round-up of links from our very favorite people on the web.

Yeah that’s right. We’re giving you another excuse to stay in elastic-waistband pants all day. You’re welcome.

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Jerry Lewis wants to smack WHO in the face? (The Frisky)

Fall fashion tips for curvy girls (Fa(s)t Fashion)

Can you be smart and sexy? (Already Pretty)

Forget beach reads and focus on fall books (Tressugar)

Who wore it best? (Styleite)

An open letter to my friends…who are always wrong (Crushable)

September fashion bloggers to watch (Stylecaster)

The safe sex fashion show (video) (The Gloss)

Chanel wants to tattoo you (What’s Haute)

The Weekly Ten: The Jobs That Deserve This Labor Day
The Weekly Ten: The Jobs That Deserve This Labor Day
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