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The Last Fro Yo of Summer


It’s Labor Day which means two things:

1. The perfect excuse to wash down a burger with an ice cold beer.
2. Summer is officially over.

I could use this space to share BBQ survival tips with you, but somehow that just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a holiday; whether we’re enjoying the day with family or a bunch of frat guys with a grill, we should enjoy ourselves.

I’ve dished on all sorts of stuff this summer: my radical lifestyle change, what it’s like to be unhealthy, and even a few tips on how to stay healthy. But there’s one big topic I missed: how to stay happy. And with summer just about to fade away, I am sure us ladies can use all the happy we can get.

Let me briefly compare how I spent last summer to how I spent this summer:

Last summer I used my time off to “monitor” my eating, meticulously.
This summer
I used my time off to make extra cash, read good books, and bask in the sun.

Last summer I ate the exact same thing for breakfast (a bowl of oatmeal), lunch (a turkey sandwich on wheat with a yogurt cup and applesauce), and dinner (a bowl of romaine lettuce with one chicken tender cut up in it) every day.
This summer
I ate ice cream, hamburgers, waffles with Nutella, and channa masala. (Only sometimes in that order).

Last summer I never went out because socializing = food. The only thing worse than eating “bad” food was trying to talk my way around why I wasn’t eating.
This summer
I met up with old friends and family members over chai lattes and gyros.

Last summer I spent hours every day on the elliptical machine, in my un-air conditioned loft.
This summer
I did yoga, went for long walks, or used the stability ball — whatever felt good for me on a given day. I even took days off.

Last summer ended with me being a ball of nerves as I worried about going away to school and not having anything to eat in the dining hall.
This summer
I am refreshed and ready to pick up some carrot sticks, pita bread, and hummus for lunch.

So, girls, it might have taken a very long time, but I believe I am finally understanding this “moderation” business. It’s tricky. I know how great it is to lose weight and feel good about yourself, and how scary it is to think about eating normal food. You will never go back to the way you were, believe me. Treats once in awhile will not hurt you. We ladies have to worry about a million different things in our lives. Do not fear food.

Whether you’re wrapping up summer internships, leading orientation, or chilling in your parents’ house right now, please enjoy one last treat before this semester really gets nuts.

The literature aficionado in metro Boston