5 New Fall TV Shows You Won’t Want To Miss

Amidst your old favorites, there are always some new faces. It’s true for the first day of classes and it’s true for the Fall television schedule. With so many new faces this season, though, it’s not easy to decide which shows deserve that coveted slot on your DVR and which ones aren’t even worth a line on your TV guide.

CollegeCandy is here to help you sort them out. We’ve picked five new shows you won’t want to miss this year. Get your popcorn (or cookie dough – we don’t judge) ready, because Fall TV starts NOW.

Wednesday, September 8, 9:00 p.m. on The CW

What It’s About: When college student Marty Perkin’s financial aid gets dropped thanks to budget cuts, the overachiever has to find a way to pay up or drop. Desperate for a way to stay in school, Marty turns to cheerleading, and the full scholarship that comes with a place on the team. With an attitude more punk than prep and some hardcore gymnastic moves, Marty lands herself a place on the team. But can she keep it? And does she want to?

Why You Should Watch It: Okay, so it’s not the most compelling storyline ever, but this has Bring It On written all over it. And, come on, you know you love that movie/always wished someone would turn it into a TV show. Marty is this year’s Missy. And you don’t want to miss that. Watch the promo here.

: Thursday, September 9, 9:00 p.m. on The CW

What It’s About: Rescued from death row as a teenager by a secret government association, Nikita was given a new chance at life. A life as a spy and an assassin.  She suffered through the training and played by their rules, but still managed to fall in love with a civilian.  When Division, the government agency that recruited her, found out, they killed her fiancé and covered up his death. Fueled by her desire for revenge, Nikita escapes, making it her mission to not only expose Division, but put an end to it.

Why You Should Watch It: Critics have been giving this thriller rave reviews all summer long. The second television adaption of  La Femme Nikita holds its own against its predecessors just as well as Nikita holds her own against her enemies in nothing more than a string bikini. Your DVR could use a dose of female empowerment, don’t you think? Watch the promo here.

Boardwalk Empire
Sunday, September 17, 8:00 p.m. on HBO

What It’s About: It’s 1920. The war is over, Wall Street is booming, and everyone thinks they can rule the world. The show stars Nucky Thompson, part politician and part gangster,  making a name for himself in an anti-prohibition Atlantic City. He does business with everyone from Big Jim Colosimo to Lucky Luciano to Al Capone.

Why You Should Watch It: It’s an HBO show. It’s written by Terrence Winter, the same man who brought you The Sopranos. And it’s directed by Martin Scorsese. If that doesn’t convince you to give this a shot, nothing will. Watch the promo here.

My Generation
: Thursday, September 23, 8:00 p.m. on ABC

What It’s About: Meet the class of 2010, ten years later.This documentary-style drama takes you into the lives of these high school graduates ten years after the fact to find out how much has really changed, and how much still needs to.

Why You Should Watch It: The high school reunion show has been done before, both in the world of drama and in the world of reality. But this strange mix of fiction that feels like fact hasn’t. And it just might work. If for no other reason, tune in to take a look back at the year 2000 and all the horrible fashion that came with it. Watch the promo here.

No Ordinary Family
Tuesday, September 28, 8:00 p.m. on ABC

What It’s About: The Powells were just an ordinary family. Until their plane crashed into contaminated water. Now Dad’s indestructible, Mom’s super-speeding through her daily routine, their daughter can read her friends’ minds and their son is acting even more brainy than usual. Watch as this ordinary family comes to terms with their extraordinary powers.

Why You Should Watch It: They’re a family with superpowers. A teenage girl with mental telepathy. A teenage boy who can breeze through his geometry homework. A father who turns his garage into a lair. And a mother super-speeding through her day to find time for work and family. Only hysterical things can come of this. Plus, Heroes got canceled, so you know you need something to fill that superhero shaped hole in your heart. Watch the promo here.

Got any other new shows you think are worth watching? Share them below! Lord knows I have plenty of time to fill when I’m not in class this semester.

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