Greek Speak: Let’s Talk Greek Life

Hello future, present, and past college sorority women (and creepy guys trying to get in on the juicy sorority gossip)!! My name is Megan, I’m a Junior, I go to Purdue, and I am so excited to be CollegeCandy’s Ultimate Sorority Girl! (Also, I like exclamation points.)

Being the official voice of Greek Life on this very (fabulous) website, I’m sure a lot of you are wondering about my sorority experience…. and I’m sure a lot of you aren’t. But too bad –  here it is:

I wasn’t far into my senior year of high school before I began creepily stalking the Purdue sorority websites and dreaming about what sorority I would soon be in. I registered for sorority recruitment the first possible day online and counted the days until it would all actually begin (while also researching every last bit of information I’d need to know to succeed and become the best sorority sister these girls could ever meet). Embarrassing, yes, but a steady form of entertainment for the summer before my freshman year of college

When I got to campus, I jumped into recruitment head first (with a totally new wardrobe for the occasion) and  when it was all said and done, I was an official ‘Baby Owl’ for Chi Omega’s 2008 pledge class. Hoot, hoot!!

Now (holy hell, has it been two years already?!), as a member of one of  the largest Greek Communities in the nation, I know what it is like to work hard and play hard in college. Living in a house along with more than 130 women and playing an active part in all my sorority’s activities – including social events with other sororities and fraternities, philanthropies, and formals – I can say with 100% certainty that I know Greek Life. And I know it well.

So here I am: your guide to all things Greek.
And here we are: at the cusp of a new school year.

I cannot believe it is already September, and we are getting settled back into the groove of things or, for some, finally breaking away from the fatally tight grip of the rents and leaving the nest. Take a deep breath of fresh air – you’re free…. and it’s going to be fun.

For me, the end of summer means a lot of things.

1. I’m officially a junior and therefore fall into the category of ‘cougar’ while preying on the new hot freshmen with my sorority sisters. Is it wrong to do frequent late-night freshman dorm drive-bys?

2. My summer abroad in Sydney, Australia has come to an end and the reality of waking up early for classes has (begrudgingly) set it once again.

3. It’s time for a new crop of potential sisters to line up and start their own journey into the fun, exciting, confusing, meaningful and overwhelming world that is sorority recruitment.

So here I am: an open book, a tell-all REAL sorority girl.
Your Rho Omega (read: guide) to Greek Life.

What do YOU want to know? Let me know in the comments or tweet it up @sororitygirlcc

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