Technology Takes Relationships to a Whole New Level

It’s no surprise to say technology has completely changed the way we, as a society, come together.  From Twitter to Foursquare, J-Date to, gone are the days of quainter communication.  Forget about lying in bed twirling the phone cord around your finger as you trade campus gossip with your BFF, just log onto Facebook and you’ll have hundreds of networks worth of information at your fingertips.

In the spirit of revolutionary social networking, here are some of the best sites and apps to use if you want to…

Go fly a kite. is perfect for anyone who’s looking to meet people with whom they share a special interest.  If you’re a Brooklynite with a love of kites, they’ve got you covered.  If you’re from San Francisco and looking for a Super Fabulicious Hiking and Outdoor Adventure Club, there’s a new group of friends already waiting for you.  Calling all Costumed Revelers in Chandler, AZ- you’ve got a scheduled meet-up next Tuesday!

Find a booty call. links up to your cell, activates your GPS, then plots you on a personalized Passion Map.  From there you can see everyone else in the vicinity who meets your criteria and is looking for a little no strings attached fun.  Additionally, you’re pointed in the direction of other types of venues- adult entertainment shows, special clubs, and suitable motels.

Keep in touch.
Postino and Skype are my two favorites for keeping in touch, whether I want to send a short message or have a video call heart-to-heart.  Postino allows you to convert pictures you’ve taken with your phone into cute little postcards that you can send to friends and family.  And Skype is like Gchat on steroids.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can “call” anyone else with Skype for free.  And you said you didn’t want to study abroad because your cell phone didn’t work overseas…

Share experiences.
Gowalla is a hybrid of everything we love.  Regardless if you’re discovering a new city or exploring your hometown, this app networks with everyone you know to show you where they’ve visited.  Sound too much like Foursquare?  After you consult friends’ recent haunts, you can check their live updates to see if they enjoyed the place, as well as receive further suggestions from the super-smart Gowalla crew.  Now, not every app can do that.

Celebrating the High Holidays Away From Home
Celebrating the High Holidays Away From Home
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