An Insider’s Look At Fall Fashion Week 2010!

Do you know what today is?

Yes, it’s Thursday.
But it’s not just any old Thursday. It’s the most fabulous Thursday of 2010.

It’s the first day of New York Fashion Week!

As we speak, the world’s biggest designers are putting the final touches on their ferosh spring 2011 looks, Rachel Zoe is going bananas over the Oscar looks she’ll inevitably find at the shows, Lindsay Lohan is waiting with baited breath to see if she’ll get any front row seats this year (I’m putting my money on no), and Anna Wintour is scouling from behind a pair of oversized sunglasses (standard).

Meanwhile, we’re busy living the slightly less glamorous life: writing the first papers of the year, getting back into the groove of seemingly endless homework assignments, or – if you’re as lucky as I am – studying for grad school admissions tests.

Let’s face it: the closest any of us college-going girls are going to get to this year’s Fashion Week is an impromptu clothing swap with our roommates.

Luckily for us, our friends at are giving us a voyeuristic look at the fabulous events of the world’s most fashionable week. They’ll be our eyes and ears, reporting from the front row of all the shows. Sure, we’ll never get the chance to rub elbows with Demi Moore and Rachel Bilson while watching Marc Jacobs’ spring line come marching down the runway, but we can still check out all the coverage and may-jor styles when we need a study break. And we don’t even need to get dressed up to do it.

Stylelist will be taking us along to over 100 shows (!!) at Lincoln Center so make sure to check back every day (by clicking that box right over there on the right!) to see what you’ll be wearing once the snow melts in spring….and Forever 21/H&M/Target make more college budget-friendly versions.

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