The Starting Line: My New BFFs?

Okay, so you know how when you watch a new reality show, the first few episodes are always crazy because all these people with huge personalities are thrown together and it’s just like a huge firecracker of insanity? Things happen that happen seem totally normal, but looking back you just don’t even understand how any of it was actually possible.

That’s kinda what freshman year feels like right now. I’m meeting a ton of people, but I’m just not sure how they’ll all fit into my lives. Who will be my bff? My Facebook stalkee of choice? My worst enemy?

It reminds me of the Jersey Shore, season 1: Snooki dramas out the first week and everyone hates her, The Situation and Sammie are an item, and Pauly D actually talks – things that are all highly unlikely and strange by now (we could never hate Snookums and you know The Situation would never settle down with just one lady). The guidos and guidettes of the Jersey Shore were just trying to figure out their niche in the house, to settle down and make some friends.

And much as some of you guys will hate to be compared to J-Woww and the crew, figuring out the beat in college happens very much the same way as the Jersey Shore squad approached it. You wander around, looking for potential friends and potential loverboys…and you learn that some are winners, and some not so much.

But unlike the cast of the Jersey Shore, we have to see these people over and over again for the next four years (without getting paid), so it’d probably be better if there wasn’t so much drama that called for big ass apologies.

Some tips for staying on good terms with new people:

Don’t Gossip: Gossip is always bad. Always. Especially if you don’t know the person that well. Because then, when she finds out you’re talking about her (which she will), you suddenly become that girl who not only gossips, but judges people without even knowing them. It’s so much worse, trust me.

Sit with different people for meals: Expand a bit – you don’t have to stick with one group of friends forever and always. I mean, what happens if you’re  3 weeks in and all your dinner buds have other commitments? What do you do then? Awkwardly sit alone? The first few weeks of college are about opening up and making new friends, so open up and make new friends. You never know who your BFF (or your BF) will be.

Don’t stress out about boys too much: A lot of guys are looking just to hook up in these first few weeks. If you start overanalyzing them, you’ll just get more acne and really, no one needs that. Plus, you don’t want to start some kind of rivalry with other girls who go after your man.

Play Frisbee! I know, it’s so cliché, but you guys, I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why dogs are always happy and well-liked. They all like to play frisbee. Frisbee is active, boys and girls like it, and other people always want to join your game. It’s easy and fun and involves just the right amount of talking. Just watch out for the college brochure photographers.

Keep yourself together: Don’t pull a Snooki and totally lose your shiz before these potential new friends really have a chance to get to know you. I imagine the story of the “chick who puked up Jimmy John’s in the hallway” will spread through campus quickly and that reputation will be hard to shake.

Do you have any tips for making good impressions on new friends?

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