The Know: Sweet and Salty FTW

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To the man (actually, I have a feeling it was probably a woman with PMS) who first decided to mix salty and sweet all in the same bite, I tip my fedora to you. Why we don’t have a chapter dedicated to you in our history books (between the first space expedition and the Civil Rights movement), I’ll never know. Because you were a revolutionary. A game changer.

You saw a gap and you filled it with sweet and salty goodness (and if you’ve ever had caramel popcorn or a chocolate covered potato chip then you know JUST what I’m talking about).

You REALLY understood what it means to be a w-o-m-a-n and our inability to make up our minds. First we want salty, then sweet, then a tuna sandwich (or is that just me?), then the whole cycle repeats itself.

But you went ahead and put it all together into one perfect little package and all was good in the world. And in my belly. Thanks to you, these 5 delectable sweet/salty treats were made possible. And thanks to me, everyone can know about and indulge in them.

Food Should Taste Good Chips in “Chocolate”: Not what you think. Not chocolate covered chips, but chips infused with chocolate. It’s completely different and totally unlike anything I’ve ever eaten before. Would you judge me if I admitted that I once ate an entire bag in a day? True story. Totes worth the muffin top. And hey, with all-natural ingredients it can’t be that bad for me, right?!

Pretzel M&Ms: I mean seriously ,does the newest addition to the M&M fam need any explanation (aside from that they’re even better with a little peanut butter on a spoon?!) And at 150 calories a pack, these aren’t TERRIBLE in portion controlled amounts.

Popcorn and Chocolate Chips: Pop a bag of healthy popcorn (like Orville Redenbacher’s 100 calorie packs) and sprinkle a few chocolate chips in there for a little bit of sweet without too much guilt. It’s a snack fit for TV premiere week.

Pretzels and Frosting: Sounds weird, tastes like a total unrealness. We used to gorge on this in high school (which explains the baby fat I sported until college….). Any flavor of frosting will do, but Funfetti is always a good choice.

Lara Bars: Specifically, PB&J and their newest (and most heavenly) addition, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

Got any other salty/sweet must tries? Share below!

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