Gossip Cheat Sheet: Snooki Gets a Beatdown

It looks like Hollywood’s finest may have cleaned it up for the time being. Well, except for Lindsay Lohan hitting a stroller with her car. But for the most part, our favorite celebs have taken our advice from last week and gotten it together! Kind of. We wouldn’t have gossip if they weren’t all up to something sneaky.

Kind of a big deal

1. LFO’s Rich Cronin passed away this week at the age of 35. LFO was best known for their hit “Summer Girls” back in 1995. Rich was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005 and has been battling ever since. He reportedly had a stroke and didn’t recover. So sad, our thoughts are with his friends and family.

2. Britney Spears is getting sued for sexual harassment! By her former bodyguard! Scandalous. Fernando Flores claims that Britney exposed her britney to Flores several times and called him into her bedroom while she was naked. Flores also made a claim that Britney was inappropriate around her kids and borrowed his belt to discipline them. This could get ugly.

3. Snooki got sentenced to two days of community service for being a drunk mess! In addition to her service hours, Snooks has to pay a $533 fine. Oh and the judge said she was a wannabe Lindsay Lohan. Ha!

4. Cutie Willow Smith signed with Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation! She just released her first single “Whip My Hair” and it’s a huge hit! She’s already got album artwork on the way. Watch out Jaden, your sister’s stealing the spotlight!

5. Uh-oh Joe Jonas was seen without his purity ring! What does this mean? Joe has been spotted out with Ashley Greene and according to one source, they’re practically living together! I hear millions of teenage hearts breaking.

No big deal

1. Our favorite teacher, Mr. Shu, has a release date for his solo album! Matthew Morrison’s album will be out in February 2011. Yay! Hopefully it will sound better than Mark Salling’s.

2. Photographer Terry Richardson is doing a photo book of Lady Gaga‘s Monster Ball Tour! It will be a behind the scenes look at Gaga’s life on the road. Um, awesome much?

3. Funnylady Jenny Slate will not be returning to Saturday Night Live. Sadface. But we’ll always have Marcel the Shell.

4. Betty White has her own comic! The team at Female Force release a Betty White edition this week!

5. Sexy Jon Hamm, or Don Draper, was voted GQ’s Man of the Year. YUM.

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